Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Giveaway, New Etsy Items and a New Family Addition...

Rachel of 'P.S., I Quilt' is hosting this sponsor giveaway. What is being given away? This wonderful bundle of fat quarters from 'Green Fairy Quilts'.

Rachel's blog is one of the first quilting blogs I discovered and I love it.... I think you will too so hurry on over cause Rachel is drawing a winner on Friday.
This past weekend I worked on a few projects for swaps and for my Etsy shop. I can't show you the swap projects but I can show you a few of the new candle mats that I stitched up.

I have so many ideas running into my head... just need more time. Thankfully there are only 27 more 'school' days till Summer vacation so I am hoping that means I can get a lot created.
Last Thursday I came home from work to find my husband sitting on the front porch. When I got up to the steps, he told me to go inside and look in the box up on the entertainment center. Okay.... I slowly walked up to the box and peeked inside to find these little babies.

Since it had been so nice out, he had decided to mow the grass and came across a rabbits nest. The good news was no babies were harmed, however four of the six in the nest took off. These two stayed behind. Hubby sat and watched them for a while but momma never came around and they just set there. Because he was worried they would be victims to other animals, he brought them inside.

Thankfully they already had their eyes open (which means they were at least ten days old) and that I had all my farm baby experiences to fall back on because I am now a 'bunny momma'. I say bunny as the little one passed away Friday afternoon. We were worried about it as it wouldn't eat for us very easily.....

The other one though is a little eating machine. Yesterday I gave him his first bit of carrot and he loved it. He is still drinking milk but he is starting to eat pellets and drinking a little water too. According to everything I have read on wild rabbits, he should be able to fend for his own when he is four weeks old but I think there is going to be a problem.....

I don't know if I can let him go.... lol
Well, I hope everyone is having a great week. Tonight I am baking cake for my niece's wedding on Saturday. I promise to take pictures to share!

Take care and hope you all have a great evening!

Debbie K


  1. So sweet! I wouldn't be able to give the sweetie up.Love the candle mats you made..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. What a great giveway!! I will have to take a look. I love your creations Deb, your one talented lady!! How are the bunnies?? Hope your summer vacation comes soon!! =)

    Luv Ya,


  3. Hi Debbie... I see that cute bunny over on Prim Pals.. I'd have the same problem!

    Your candlemats are wonderful, nice work..

    Blessings, Traci

  4. Hi Debbie~
    I wondered how your little bunnies were doing. We had our three running around the backyard again yesterday. So fun to watch but not sure how I will feel once they start eating my flowers!!!
    Your candle mats are beautiful by the way. I've been slowing getting my crafting mojo back and that is a good thing.
    Have a wonderful day~

  5. Hi...cute little bunny. We have 2 rabbits in our back yard and they will let us approach them to about 15 feet. When they run, they won't run out of the yard (we have a large yard in the country with farmland surrounding us) and we think they may have babies. Enjoy being his mommy..I could not let him go either. When my kids were small, we had a rabbit and they can be litter box trained.

  6. Love your crow penny mat and the little bunnies are sooo cute!

  7. Your candle mats are adorable! Love the crow and the sheep!

    Sweet little bunnies! Glad hubby rescued them. Sorry to hear that you lost one. I'm sure it will be hard to let it go. =[