Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flood Watch 2011

As most of your are probably aware of, the Midwest is being hit very hard by the recent storms and has had a lot of flooding going on. Well.... guess who lives in the Midwest? If you guessed me.... You guessed right.

Wendell and I live in a little hick town called Allenville that is so small they do not recognize it to even have our own zip code. Our official address says we live in Chaffee which is about 8 miles from our house. (Its been a headache too!)

We are about 75 to 80 miles from Poplar Bluff, Missouri which has even made national news as there are 1000 homes there that have been flooded.

This was the view from my front porch on Monday, April 25th.

This was the view from our front porch yesterday.
Tuesday, April 26th.
The water is beginning to cover the road.This is the field on the left side of our house. The road directly in front of it is flooded and has maybe 6 inches of water on it. The ducks all seem to like it. On the side of this field is a gravel road which was the last road we could of gotten out by but were told that chances where the water wouldn't get to the house.This is the view in front of our house yesterday afternoon about 2:45 pm. The water has raised about six more inches. Our driveway has about 2 inches of water on it.

It rained last night and its dark here at 4:00 am and I cannot see what it looks like outside because its so dark here. When I stepped out on the front porch all I could hear was a train in the distance and the frogs.

I have not been able to get to work since the road has been flooded over. Thankfully a neighbor about a mile or so, and higher up from us, let us park our vehicles at her place. Wendell wanted to hold his ground because we were told that the house had never flooded. Water did get up to the yard in the flood of '93 but the house was safe and the owners had stayed.

Part of his decision to stay was because we have no family near by and would of had to stay in a shelter but none of the shelters here allowed animals. There is no way we could leave the dog or cats here and I don't think we could of all survived living in my Jeep till the water goes down but right now I am seriously thinking about it. We can still make it out if we walk out the back field though it will probably be muddy as hell.

I am thinking today is going to be spent carrying things of importance upstairs and then maybe we should hike up through the field to the neighbors and load up the Jeep with the pets and what we can carry. I don't know where we will go but I would like to be able to sleep without worry.

I am gonna go and try getting some things upstairs. I will post again later with new pictures.

Please say a prayer that the rain will stop. I don't know if I can handle losing my home again. It was just a little over two years ago that we lost our farm. If we lose this place, I don't know what will happen or where we will go.

Be Safe....



  1. Hi Deb, my heart goes out to you. I will be praying for you. Take care and be safe!! Please let us know how things are going when you can.

  2. Keep safe Debbie. They keep reporting on it on the St. Louis news stations. I do not live in a flood area but I know the Mississippi is beginning to give a lot of people trouble up this way. Keep us updated. Trish

  3. Debbie, best of luck to you, hopefully no rain or very little today, our prayers and thoughts are with you.

  4. Debbie, you have been on my mind alot, and sending lots of love and prayers your way! I went through a flood as a teenager when we had a creek on our property so I know how quickly it can rise and how scary it is. Please be safe and leave if you need to, not sure if you have money for a hotel for a couple days but some of them allow pets. (((BIG HUGS))) be safe!!!!

  5. Im so worried about you two sis!! Please stay safe!!

  6. Debbie, I have been wondering about you.. I am praying hard for relief from the rain for you and all effected. Those pictures are scary, stay safe my friend...

    Blessings, Traci

  7. This morning on the Early Show they mentioned how bad you've been hit there. They didn't spend nearly enough time on the story. I couldn't leave my pets either, they're my babies. Keep us posted so we know your safe. If you end up leaving your house, be careful walking through any water. I wish you were here, you could stay with me. I'm worried about you, stay safe!

  8. Debbie, I am sending prayers your way. I hear there is more to come and I just hope and pray there is no more devastation and it comes to an end soon. Keep us posted!

  9. I'm almost afraid to get on the computer these days. I keep praying for EVERYONE across this land that the weather will straighten out. Debbie you will most certainly be in my thoughts and prayers.
    I had another friend in Arkansas that escaped the tornado but the two houses across and beside her did not! I think you folks should go to a safer place.

  10. Please Debbie stay safe. You all have had a rough go. Prayers are going out to you, your family, and community!

  11. Be careful. We know exactly what you are going through. We lost our family home in 93 when the levee broke. My parents didn't believe that it would happen and they lost everything; had to live in a FEMA apartment, sell their property and start all over. It was very traumatic. I pray that doesn't happen to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  12. Debbie,
    I hope you are safe. Will keep you in my prayers. Let us know that you are ok when you can.

  13. Be safe Deb.......sending prayers and (((HUGS)))

  14. Oh my!! My heart aches for your and your hubby!! My prayers are going out to you ...i hope and pray the rain stops...and you don't lose your home...again!! May God watch over you!!

  15. Oh my, girl! Praying for safety for you, your home, and your animals. That water is up a lot in those pictures! Looks like the ducks are the only ones enjoying it. Please be very careful! I hope by now you are back home and able to get in and out.