Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Plans

I was hoping to make a trip with some of my Prim Pal sisters to Ohio or Pennsylvania to Amish country but with the way things are around here and money being tight, there is just no way I could do it.

That is when TJ and Holli, two of my Prim Pal sisters, decided we should all get together on Memorial Day weekend and have our own little gathering. TJ was planning a trip here on the weekend anyway as she and her hubby were coming for a visit already, well Holli did not want to be left out so she decided she wanted to come too!

Every year, here in Southeast Missouri, there is a 100 mile yard sale that goes on each Memorial Day weekend. (This year May 27th and 28th) They start setting up on Thursday and it the real shopping goes on Friday and Saturday. (some of the homes even keep their items out till Sunday) Its a yard sale lovers dream!

This is when we got the big idea to invite some of our friends from the forum and blogland!
We figured we would plan an early start on Saturday to head down Highway 25 and see what bargains we can find. Then that evening, we are hoping to have a BBQ and just enjoy each others company.

Depending on who comes, maybe we can even plan an activity or two.

Right now there is definitely four of us going to be here: Holli of 'Where the Rooster Crows', TJ of 'Willow Bend Prims' and Casey of 'Olde Spoon River Homestead'.

As far as arrangements go, there are several places to stay near by, or if you like to camp, my yard is pretty big and maybe we can set up a tent or two outside. We can work something out. Heck... maybe someone has a camper???

I live in a little town in Cape Girardeau County called 'Allenville' but for directions sake.... just look up Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I am about 12 miles from there.

We would love to have you come join us, even if its just for the day!

*hugs and blessings*

ps: If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


  1. That sounds like so much fun and I'm sure you gals will have a wonderful time:)I would love to meet you all but I must start saving for that future trip to Hawaii if I want to see my son:) Have a great day debbie ((hugs))

  2. Debbie,
    I would love to come, but we have out of state family coming to visit then. I just know you girls will have a blast!!

  3. WHat a great idea!! I would love to travel and visit and of course discover tons of treasures!! I will have to give this some serious just how to get the hubby on board!! LOL....
    My week is going well....even though i think we got another inch of rain today...and more tomorrow ..turning into snow!! UGHHHH!!
    Hope you are enjoying better weather!