Monday, March 7, 2011

Giveaway Extended and Helping My Addiction...

I just wanted to remind everyone of the big giveaway being held over at the Prim Pals forum. Its hard to believe it but we have been together for a year now and what better way to celebrate than giving back to those who have helped us?

The giveaway has been extended for another week, so the drawing will be held on March 14th. Here is a sneak peek at a couple of the prizes to be given away.


The rules are as follows:

YOU MUST be a forum member
YOU MUST post or posted an introduction in the NEW MEMBERS SECTION ( we will be checking )
YOU MUST have at least 20 POSTS
YOU MUST comment here that you would like to be entered
YOU WILL get an extra entry for the prizes by Posting this on your blogs or Facebook pages. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT THAT YOU DID SO WE CAN CHECK and give you credit.
Winners will be announced March 14th
One GRAND PRIZE winner of a 25 dollar gift card and 5 mystery gifts will be awarded for a total of 6 prizes !

I know a lot of you won't enter because of the 20 posts requirement to the forum but please understand that its because we want to 'give back' to those of you who have worked so hard to help us make Prim Pals a fun place to gather.

If you do not have the 20 posts requirement, its not that hard to do. Just go to the Welcome Wagon and Birthday sections of the forum and say hello or wish your friends a Happy Birthday! Or you can visit us on 'The Porch' and let us know what you have been up too, look for recipe ideas in the recipe section.

So... If you would still like a chance to enter.... please head on over and see us!


In the past few weeks I have notice my 'addiction to fabric' has really taken a hold of me. All I want to do is head over to the local fabric store and bring home more fabric. Its horrible... I have tried to be good... really!

Well yesterday I got word from Jennifer of 'Stitchin' Thyme' that I won 2nd prize in her giveaway. She is trying hard to 'de-stash' and make room so she had a contest to see who could guess how many pieces of fabric were stacked here.

It ended up being 113!

What was 2nd prize??? Three yards of wonderful fabric!!!!

Winning made my weekend and really helped my 'addiction' to pretty fabrics. I can't wait to get my hands on my selections so I can start planning some new projects.

Thank you Jennifer for hosting such a nice giveaway!


I finally heard from my niece late on Saturday night and she absolutely loved the pictures I sent her of the flower arrangements. It was such a big relief for me. Now all I have to do is work on the cake. I hope it goes as well.

Well, I am off to start another work week. I hope you all have a wonderful day!



  1. I knew she would love the flower arrangements!! They were beautiful!!
    Good luck on the cake...another talent God did NOT bless me with!! LOL!


  2. Debbie, we want to see pictures of the wedding and of course the cake.

    Speaking of buying fabric, tell us sometime where you find yours. It's really nice.

    I really enjoy your blog.