Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Latest Project and A Giveaway

My Grandmother quilted and what little I know I owe to her. I can remember going over to her house and she would have a quilt set up in the living room. When we were little it was great.... kinda like our own 'tent' where we would sit and watch television. When I got a little older, Grandma would let me sit with her and patiently she would show me how to stitch along the lines that were drawn on the top. (Yes, they were all done totally by hand)

Well, I have been thinking about her a lot lately which got me to wanting to quilt something awfully bad so I started searching blogs. Let me tell you , there are so many talented quilters out there. I spent hours being awed by their talent.

One of my favorites was by a lady named Rachel. Her blog is called 'P.S. I Quilt'. I spent over an hour going through her posts and wonderful tutorials. She had a Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along that inspired me to make these:

While I would love to do a full size quilt, I just don't have the space for it so I think I am going to make a little table top quilt.

I am thinking of placing the blocks like this. What do you think? I have a few ideas for completing it and I am hoping to work some more on the top tonight. I figure I have three and a half days to complete it. I love working for the school system.

Now for a new giveaway! There are so many out there right now but I want to be sure you hear all about this one. Its being held by my best friend and sister, Holli of 'Where the Rooster Crows' . (We are not really sisters but have known each other for a long time and if one could choose their sisters... I would of picked her.)

Holli is celebrating two years of blogging and wants to celebrate with friends, new and old.
Isn't this a wonderful prize?
To have your chance to win these wonderful goodies, head on over to her blog and sign up today!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

*prim hugs & blessings*


  1. Your quilt looks great, I wish I knew how to quilt, always wanted to learn, maybe one day I will. Bye

  2. I've made so many of the patchwork things but I have no luck at all with patterns and what not. I just falter. Your blocks are gorgeous. You were certainly blessed to have such a sweet Grandma!

  3. Your quilt patterns are beautiful!!

  4. Love your quilt blocks Debbie, they will look gorgeous just the way you have them. What a wonderful memory of your Grandmother, you are blessed to have that remembrance. Thanks for the link to your 'sisters' giveaway, it is too cute! Deb

  5. Thanks for posting about me Sista!! Love the quilt blocks!

  6. Your quilt blocks are very pretty! I will be back to see the finished piece.

  7. How neat to have those special memories of your grandma! Your blocks look wonderful! I love the colors that you've used and the the block placement looks great.