Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Ornie Swap at Prim Pals

One of the things that we have been doing over on the Prim Pal forum is trying to have Ornie swaps for all the different holidays. Its been so much fun especially for us gals who like to have a little prim tree up all year round.

Only ten of us participated this time around but it was enough to brighten up my little prim tree for Valentines Day.

This was the ornie I did for the group.
These cute little pillows were done by our prim sister Tracie of Flutterbygone's.

This cute little annie was made by Jennifer over at Stitchin' Thyme.

These cute little hand stitch ornies were made by Cyndy over at CraftyStitchers.

This little bunny and heart ornie was done by member Tammy2010.

Isn't this the cutest patchwork heart made by our prim sister Kookie!

Jan over at The Primouthouse painted these wonderful spoon ornies!

My prim sister TJ, from Willow Bend Prims, made these cute little bees!

Then we have these cute stuffed hearts made by Tracy of The Prairie Patch.

And this cute little heart is from Debbie at Debbie's Dodads.

If you enjoy doing swaps, I urge you all to come over to the forum and see what we have coming up. We try to have at least two swaps a month and coming up for February we are going to try and do our first Quilt Block swap! I am really excited about this one!

Take care and hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

Debbie K


  1. omg! they came out soooo cute! i wish i had joined in! i need those bees! your tree looks great!

  2. They all did an amazing job! Your prim tree is super cute. Miss you and the gals!

  3. What a great idea!! How fun!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. They are all awesome! I especially like Kookie's patchwork heart. So cute!

  5. Lots of cute ornies! They would look great on a holiday tree.