Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day and a Valentine Swap

Well I did a 'snow dance' last night and it must of worked because we got a snow day! This was taken early this morning and now we probably have 3 inches of the white stuff with it still coming down. I am wondering if it was good enough for a four day weekend????

I know there are people out there who could live without snow but I love to have at least one good snowstorm. After this one, spring can come and I would be happy.

We did a swap for Valentines Day over at the Prim Pals forum and I got Tracy over at 'The Prairie Patch'.

She kept telling me that I intimidated her with my crafting but I told her not to worry.... she would do fine and boy did she!!!

When I picked up the box it smelled soooooo good! It did not take long to see why. She made me the some great smelling soap and wax tarts.... oh and what about this candle!

It looks pretty good on my candle mat if I say so myself!

Thank you so very much Tracy!!!! I love it all!!!!!
*great big hug*

I took Wendell to the doctor to check on his hand. We were getting worried because the stitches were dissolving and coming apart. The doctor assured us that it looked great and that his incision was one of the best he has seen. He did tell us that it will take quite a while for it to heal completely because of the 'zig zag' cut. Once it heals completely he will have to do physical therapy but that may be another six weeks yet.

He also made a decision to sit out this semester at school. He is not happy with his original major and is going to do some researching for something different while his hand is healing. I think I may need some prayers if I am home alone, 24/7 with him this summer! *laughing*

Well, I am off to be creative. I have a whole day to do what ever I want to do. Hopefully I will have something new to put on the selling blog this weekend! :)

Take care and I hope you all are staying warm!
*prim hugs and blessings*



  1. Glad to hear Wendell is healing and you are enjoying the snow:)Love the goodies you got, that candle is awesome!!! Not much going on here, fibro has been bad and it won't stop snowing *sigh*
    sending ya a big ((HUG)) enjoy your snow day:)

  2. Nice swap goodies! Always fun to recive surprises! We are expecting 5-7 inches tonight and I'm excited too.Love a snow day as long as I can be home.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. I really wish you would keep all that nasty snow out that way! But no, you have to send it on to me (according to the weather channel anyway!). I am so sick of it and can't wait for spring to get here. Love all your swap goodies. That candle is awesome and does look great on your candle mat! ;)

  4. Debbie, could you come do a snow dance at my place. Snow keeps going around us. Love the swap items! I hope Wendell's hand is well soon.


  5. Hi, Debby, no snow dance for me. I am ready for spring!
    I drew names for my giveaway tonight and I drew yours for package #2. If you get your address to me, I will get that package out as soon as possible. Thanks for entering. I will be posting my announcement in the morning.

  6. Hi Debbie, nice swap goodies!! Hope you get your four day week-end.8-) Glad your Hubby is doing well.

  7. You received some wonderful goodies from Tracy! That candle looks like it definitely belongs on your candle mat, looks great with it.

    Glad to know Wendell is healing so well! I hope you both survive this summer, haha!