Sunday, January 2, 2011

Finding Inspiration....

I don't know about everyone else but I have hit a few slumps lately when it comes to creating. I just have not felt like I was doing anything that really mattered. My husband tries to encourage me and tell me what he things I want to hear but its always seems lacking. Do you know what I mean?

Growing up my Mom always encouraged me to create. She never discouraged me to try something new. that is probably why I find myself doing a little bit of everything when it comes to crafting.

Mom taught me to sew and crochet but I always loved to draw and paint. I remember when I got older Mom took a tole painting class and loved it. One winter we even took a 'Bob Ross' painting class together. It was so much fun. Eventually Mom and I started doing craft shows together and I can honestly say it was one of the happiest times of my life. I was creating, something I loved to do and was spending time with the lady who most inspired me.

In September of 1996, Mom passed away after a long two year battle with 'non-hodgkins lymphoma'. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. I had not just lost my mother, but my best friend too!

It seemed that after her passing, all desire to do anything disappeared. I stopped doing craft shows, painting....almost everything that I use to love. Oh I crafted but nothing like I use to. Even my marriage of 17 years fell apart and nothing seemed to work. I felt 'empty' and like I had nothing to give.

After four years I met my dear husband. We seemed to have an instant bond... so much alike. We married after oly a four and a half month romance. We just celebrated our tenth anniversary this past August. While things have not been easy, we are still together and still very much in love. Some couples would of probably thrown in the towel by now, after all we have been through but he and I are still moving forward with the hopes that things will get better.

Unfortunately though... I still find myself lacking something in life.... inspiration...

A couple weeks ago, thanks to one of the gals over at the forum, I cam across Kim Klassen. It started out because I was looking for tips in photography but ended up with me being truly inspired.

The post on Kim's blog just happened to be called 'I am an Artist - The Journey'.

Kim said that about 13 years ago, she decided to call herself an ARTIST and how she took great offense when people asked her if she 'still did crafts'.

Oh my God! This is EXACTLY how I have been feeling.

She said that 'if we create, and we all should, we truly need to claim it, no matter what our art may be.

I am not going to quote Kim's post to you because I do hope that you with give it a read. I found it very inspiring and it has made me look at myself differently... hopefully for the better. It left me feeling so much better about everything I do. I hope it will do the same for you too!

Find the entire post HERE.

*hugs and blessings*


  1. Girlfriend, please!!! You are an awesome artist and way talented!!!! I have never seen anything you've created that I haven't looked at and wished I could make it too. You are such an inspiration to me! I always feel like I am lacking in creative ability and I probably always will feel that way. I guess we are our own worst critics sometimes! LOL! Hang in there, I know your creative juices will be flowing again real soon! Love ya!

  2. Hi Debbie, I know how you feel. Sometimes I can't get those juices flowing either and then other times I can't keep up with the juices.8-) You are a very talented and sweet lady and I am better for having met you.
    Hang in there, like Donna said, those creative juices will flow again.8-)

  3. KK is amazing and I am glad she has inspired you :) As for being an already are

  4. You always make such wonderful creations and I just checked out your photography blog and I think it's awesome. I'm glad Kim gave you the lift you needed. :)