Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Needing Idea for Christmas.....

With only ten days left till Christmas I am finding myself stressed out trying to come up with inexpensive gifts for the five men in my life. With funds almost no-existent... I have been trying to rack my brain for things I could make for the guys. For some reason, they won't enjoy candle, or other craft items I could do.

What are some things you have done that the men in your life have appreciated?

I hope you have a great day and are staying warm. We are expecting some icy weather today. I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow! *laughing*

Take Care,


  1. How about mittens? Mittens are great
    for keeping fingers warm when stuck out
    in the cold.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. All I can think of that's not to pricey would be new wallets?? Most men don't think to buy these on their own and they fall apart before they would go buy one, or Maybe a $10. gift certificate to the barber shop?? Stay warm and safe on those roads!!!!

  3. Sorry, but I can't help you Debbie. Guys are the hardest to me, at least my guys. Those big boy toys can get expensive and like you say, they really aren't in to crafts. I hope someone can help you.

  4. I've been thinking about this and waiting to see what others would suggest. I'm thinking a hunting or fishing license would be nice if they are reasonable. Or tickets to see True Grit, if they're the movie goer kind. Can't feature they wouldn't like Rooster Cogburn. Also my daughter bought a little sign at the Farm that said "this is as merry as we get". They only had one, so I didn't get to buy one but I know some people who might like one. Thanks for visiting me Debbie and commenting on my visit to Springfield. Someday I am going to get back to Missouri to visit.

  5. Thank you girls for the ideas! I may just opt out and get them gift certificates of some type. My Dad just tells me not to get him anything, the hubby gives me a list a mile long of what he wants... (nothing inexpensive of course) The boys are so sweet and tell me not to worry about it. Jaygen... he is easy... love those three year olds!


  6. I don't know how old your boys are and time is short but if they are younger there are so many things you can do with $10 or less. I totally understand the money situation been there done that way to many times but some how the good lord always provides.
    Anyway consider going to a thrift store or Good Will in your area. There you can find tons of things. Even some new items.
    You could pick up a couple Shirts for your hubby.
    You can also make him a Rag Box by cutting up used old tee-shirts into nice sizes for using when working on cars or household chores he does around the house that would require a grease rag. Pick up a plastic tote at the dollar store and write Rag Box on it.
    If your hubby has a desk make him some note papers. Take construction paper or brown paper lunch bags and cut out small squares of paper. You can stack them in a plastic container or you can paper punch them and tie them with twine. When he needs one he can just pull it off.
    If you want to fancy them up a little put a little Note at the top of each paper.
    You could also make him a coupon box. do the same cut out your pieces of paper. On each paper/coupon write out something nice you will do for him or with give him a back massage, or cook his favorite dinner get the drift.

    As for your kids you can pick them up a few pieces of clothing,some books,and toys. If you are lucky you can find some Legos and even a large Tin that you can put them in for storage.Hehe...that's what I store our lego's in!! Pick up some cars and trucks.
    Nothing like a good washing to make them look brand new.

    I've been going Christmas shopping at thrift stores for 30 or more years and my family is just as delighted with the gifts they receive as they would be if I spent a fortune at Name stores. I'm able to buy them so many more gifts on my limited budget and they are just as happy.
    It is the thought that counts and they don't need to know that you shopped at the thrift stores.

    Again depending on your boys ages you can also craft them gifts. For younger boys who are into cars and trucks you can make them a play mat to run there cars on using a large piece of cardboard. Spray paint it or brush paint it basic green or brown to save a few dollars using paint around the house. Paint on a road, go threw your magazines or old kids books that the kids no longer read and cut out houses and etc. Glue them on around the roads you painted. When I make one of these I usually cover it with a good coat of elmers glue or puzzle glue to seal it once it is finished. Whala you have created a play mat for them. Pick up some cars at Good Will or the dollar store.
    You can also make them scrap books or drawing paper books out of Brown paper bags. Cut your paper bags into pages, paper punch them and tie them together using twine. Wrap it with a box of crayons you piked up at the dollar store. You can even draw a picture on the front to spice it up a little.
    You can make them Play Dough too. All it takes is salt and flour.

    As for wrapping gifts go primitive. Pick up a bag of Brown paper lunch bags at a dollar store for the small items & tie them with twine or fabric scraps for ribbon. Glue on a fabric scrap or Christmas picture from the news paper if you want to make it festive.
    You can do the same with large items if you turn large brown grocery bags inside out.

    I know your time is running out but I hope this helps.. Think outside the box and you'll be surprized what you can come up with and only spend $50 to $100 or less if you are lucky for the whole family.

    Hope this helped....Remember it is the time you spend with your family that counts the gifts are just the icing on the cake.

    Merry Christmas