Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Blessing....

This year has been a rough one for Wendell and I, living paycheck to paycheck and some medical bills hanging over our head but I am sure I don't have to tell you how much it sucks. Unfortunately there are too many like us in the same situation. This month seems especially depressing with Christmas coming and not being able to do for the kids like I wish I could.

I have needed to do some grocery shopping but with only $60 dollars in the bank and ten days to go till payday and the cars sitting on almost empty I felt like I could not spend the extra right now.

Wednesday evening we were watching the news and saw a story they ran about food baskets the Salvation Army was giving out and how they had so many left. If we knew anyone in need of a basket we were given a phone number to call. Well it doesn't hurt to ask, right? So early yesterday morning I called the number only to reach their answering machine saying they were experiencing heavy call volume and would be called back in the order my call was received. Well.... about 11:30 am I was called back only to be told I would have to call the Salvation Army directly. The lady told me she did not know if they would have anything left but gave me the number of a few area food pantries I was not aware of.

I call the Salvation Army and reached a very grumpy lady who just told me 'Sorry...Its all gone'. Disappointed, I hung up and just looked at Wendell who said go ahead and try one of the other phone numbers I was given.

I called the first one on the list and spoke to a lady named Beth. I told her our situation and she told me that they were getting ready to close in 15 minutes and wouldn't be open again until next Tuesday. I was too late.... or so I thought....

Beth asked me where I lived and if it was possible for me to get there by noon. It was 15 minutes till noon. I told her I was probably at least 15 minutes away. She asked me a few questions then told me that if I could leave right now she would stay and see what she could do for me. Since they had just filled baskets she did not think there was any meat left but she would see what she could do. I thanked her and practically flew out the door.

I got there a few minutes after noon and when I walked in the front door I noticed a shopping cart filled with groceries. I walked to the office (the pantry is in a school) and the lady called Beth to let her know I was there.

She came out and I had to provide my drivers license and fill out some paperwork. While I was thanking her for everything she asks me if we like ice cream? I tell her yes cause hubby loves it in the evenings. She runs off and comes back with a container of ice cream.

I take the cart out to my jeep and can barely lift the box out of the cart. In the bottom of the cart is another box with a ham in it and a 12 pack of soda. I go back to return the cart and Beth asks me if my husband and I drink coffee. I tell her yes, everyday. She tells me to wait right there. A few minutes later she comes back with two packages of Starbucks 'Christmas Blend' coffee and a french vanilla creamer. I gave her a big hug and thanked her for everything and drove off wishing her and her family a very Merry Christmas.

I got home and Wendell met me at the door as soon as I pulled into the drive. His eyes just about popped out of his head. He helped me carry the groceries in and that is when we actually got a look at what we were given.

The ham ended up being almost an 18 lb bone-in ham! Besides the ham, soda, ice cream and coffee we received a 5 lb bag of sugar, 2 boxes of instant potatoes, a box of frozen ravioli, a frozen apple pie, canned chicken, tuna, 3 chicken helper dinners, pastas, assorted canned goods, cookies, 3 assorted breads and much more. I wanted to cry....

Just when I was feeling at the bottom and thinking Christmas dinner might end up being hamburger helper and ramien soup, God blessed us with an Angel.

He never fails us and always comes through when we need him.

Definitely a Christmas blessing....


My wish for you, my wonderful blogging friends is that you enjoy your family this holiday season and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love always...


  1. (((BIG HUG))) Debbie, I have tears in my eyes from reading that, how wonderful to find an angel when you need one the most!!! I hope you and Wendell have a very Merry Christmas, and enjoy that ice cream;)

  2. Debbie I am so tickled to read this...we volunteer at our local food pantry every month and since my husband is on disability now we also signed up for has helped us so much just having that extra...God Bless you and your family and may you have a very Blessed Merry Christmas....

  3. HI, that is a truly amazing story. I hope things get better for you and you have a very Merry Christmas. Cyndy

  4. It's so sad there are so many people like you that struggle from time to time and really need help,then there are those that play the system for everything they have.I used to volunteer at the food pantry at our local church and you see people in bmw's and the best designer clothes just taking what they can.I can't even afford that.That's probly why the lady was a little grumpy at the salvation army she had delt with those type all day.I'm so glad you found the help through a generous caring angel and you will have a wonderful christmas with your family.That's the true heart of Christmas.Sweetie I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.Merry Christmas and Warmest Blessings!~Amy

  5. I'm so happy you received such a blessing. All of us are hoping and praying for things to get better, so many people are struggling. Take care, stay warm, let us hear from you.

  6. Merry Christmas... I've been where you are and I know how stressful it can be but the Lord provides. god Bless those who helped you make christmas a real Blessings.

  7. Deb, it looks like you have an angel
    looking out for you! I hope she keeps
    up the good work! Merry Christmas, my
    friend and I hope you enjoy the fudge.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  8. I believe that God sent an angel your way that day! Keeping you in my prayers that things will get better soon. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  9. I know I am late with this but sending you Hugs Sometimes we forget that even in the western world 'normal' people don't always have it as good as it seems on the outside. I am so glad you managed to get some lovely things to make a special Christmas for you and your Family

  10. Debbie, thank you for sharing your Christmas miracle. Our God is so awesome!!
    Enjoy all those yummy goodies!

  11. Debbie, I know that I am late reading this. So happy that you found some relief to help out. I have been in your situation in the past and it is hard and very humbling to have to take the help, but that is what it is there for and I am so glad that it helped you out. This has been a really hard year for us also, so many family members in the hospital and so much money spent taking care of them and our business suffered because of it, but God has provided our needs. Hope that the New Year is better for all.


  12. Wow, what a wonderful story Debbie! So glad that God took care of you and gave you hope again! Praying that the new year will bring new things for you and Wendell.