Sunday, November 28, 2010

Prim Pal Ornie Swap and Something New For the Selling Blog

This year was the 1st Annual Ornie Swap over at Prim Pals and I had the pleasure of getting to send out all those packages of ornies to everyone who participated. It was tempting but I did manage to wait until Thanksgiving day to open mine. I wanted to give everyone a chance to receive theirs before I posted my pics. (Sorry Sis...)

Here is a picture of my little prim tree with nothing but the ornies from the swap. There were three groups of ten which meant if you did all three groups you had a chance to receive 29 new ornies made just for you.

Here are a few closeups. Sorry I did not take individual pictures but let me say that we have a nice group of very talented ladies over on the forum.

I want to thank all the girls who participated and I hope they all participate again next year!


I have been trying to get some things together for my selling blog. Unfortunately I do not have them listed over there because Janice over at the Primitive Outhouse is going to help me re-design it. (It needs lots of work.)

Prim Crow - $4.00 plus shipping and handling.

The tag around his neck can say whatever you would like.
(currently there are 2 in stock)

Grungy Tea Light Ornie - $4.50 plus shipping and handling

Color of bow may vary.
(currently there are six in stock)


Snowman in Santa Hat - $4.50 each plus shipping and handling

(currently 3 in stock - 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue)

If there is anything your would be interested, please contact me at: and I will get back to you on any orders.


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Wendell and I spent the day with my youngest son (he is 24), Lucas. He does not make it over much but when he does we always have a wonderful time catching up.

Well... there is a pile of laundry calling my name. Our dryer is broken and until I can afford to get it fixed I am having to do a load a day and hang it up in the bathroom to dry. I keep telling Wendell I would love a clothesline for Christmas! *lol*

Take care and I hope you all have a great week!

*prim hugs and blessings*

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  1. Wow, lots of wonderfully prim and cute ornies!! I bet that was lots of fun. Maybe I'll join in next year... I better get started now, lol! I love the things you've been making too, wonderful job Debbie!