Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'Home for the Holidays' Swap, A Monkey and What I Have Been Up To,,,,,,

I know I have been MIA lately so I hope you all will forgive me. I have been busy with work and trying to keep motivated at home. I keep saying I am going to do better with blogging but something always comes up.

We have been really busy over at the forum. We held an 'Ornie Swap' and had 30 ladies participate. You should see my living room. I have boxes of wrapped ornies just waiting to be distributed next week in time to decorate after Thanksgiving. Let me tell you.... I was such a snoop growing up and it is been so hard not to peek. I participated in all three of the groups we did so I have at least 27 ornies sitting there waiting to be opened.

Right now over at Prim Pals, we are taking sign ups for the "Home for the Holidays' Swap. I think its going to be a good one. If your interested, you have until November 11th to head over to the Prim Pals forum and sign up.

Okay... I posted about a Monkey.... You were probably wondering what I am doing with a Monkey! Loving on him of course! Jaygen was a Monkey for Halloween this year and since I did not get to see him that night, he came to see me and Paw Paw.

How can any Maw Maw resist this face???? (camera smile and all) I told him he HAD to let me get at least one good picture and this is what he gave me.

Remember the little rhyme about little monkeys jumping on the bed???

And who can resist that cute little 'Monkey Tail'?? Not this Maw Maw!
I have been crafting the past few weeks but don't seem to be getting anything finished. I have a lot of little projects started though.

I did try my hand at room sprays and they seem to be going over well.

So far the Caramel Apple, Sunflower and Christmas Splendor are my favorites. Wendell keeps threatening to hide them all if I don't quit using them. *laughing*
Well, its almost supper time. Before I left for work this morning I put a roast and all the fixin's in the crock pot and the natives are getting restless. I hope your all having a good week and managing to stay warm!

Take Care,


  1. Hi, I too, can't wait until my ornies arrive. Already signed up for your next swap. Stop by blog when you get a chance, have another give-away going on if you are interested in more ornies.

  2. I get to read Five Little Monkeys every Tuesday and Thursday. Your little guy is so cute, I hope you have that book to read to him.

  3. Your lil' monkey is adorable Debbie!!! Love the look of your room sprays too:D

  4. Good seeing you love your MONKEY!


  5. It sure would be hard not to peek at all those ornies!!
    Your little monkey is so cute!! My grandson was a monkey for Halloween too.
    Looking forward to the Christmas swap.

  6. Your little monkey is so cute! What fun! I just found your blog and am a new follower - come on over to check out my site and enter my giveaway!

  7. Deb he is just sooooo dang precious ! So glad to hear that your sprays are sellin' well ! Yeahhhhhhhh.....I actually blogged FINALLY LOL and plan to try and do another post today ! I am determined to get back to doing it on a lil bt more of a regular basis. Talk atcha soon punkin'

  8. My little guy and I have to sing 5 Little Monkey's on a daily basis. He's yet to tire of it, but I already have. Your little monkey is adorable!! What a sweet smile he has!

    The room spray scents sound delicious! Glad they are going well for you, that's always good to hear. Have a great week Debbie~