Thursday, September 9, 2010

Its An Ornie Swap!

That's right.... Prim Pals is going to host their First Annual Ornie Swap for all of their members to participate in. Not a member???? That is okay all you have to do is register on the forum and sign up.

How is it going to work???

The sign-ups are through the month of September, open to forum members only. On October 1st, you will be sent the name of the staff member you will send your ornies to for distributing.

Depending on how many members sign up for this swap, we will divide everyone into groups of 10 or 15. For example: If 30 members sign up we will divide them into two groups. Each person would be responsible for making 15 ornies that would need to be completed and mailed out (with $7.95 for shipping your package of ornies back to you) to an assigned staff member for distributing by November 1st.

Ornies will only be sent out to the participating members who send in their ornies.

If you have any questions, please feel free to to email me or TJ at

Hope to see you on the forum!


For complete rules, check the forum.

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