Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Morning Bloggers...

Good Morning! Hope you all are enjoying some beautiful weather today. According to our weatherman its suppose to reach the high 80's today and no rain! Yay! I am so tired of the rain. Hopefully today Wendell and I will be able to get out into the garden to plant some tomato and pepper plants we picked up yesterday. I am so ready for fresh veggies.

There has not been a lot of anything really going on around here except for a little crafting and job hunting. Yesterday I ran into town and picked up some applications while doing a little grocery shopping. Wendell will have been on Medicaid for two years soon, so he will become eligible for Medicare. Since the money isn't in the budget, I will definitely have to work at least part time to pay for his medical. I would love to work from home but there are very few jobs that let you do that, at least I haven't found any here.

If I had my way, I would craft and cook to make extra cash. Someday.....

I have done a few samplers in the past week. This is one of the smaller ones. I found the frame at the dollar store over the weekend. It was a little too red for me so I tried 'priming' it up with shoe polish but I think I need to go darker. What do you think?

Friday I made a visit to the Food Bank again. Was really surprised to get five dozen farm fresh eggs! (Maybe this is the hint I should bake this month.)

We received: 5 dozen Eggs
1 can - Pork
1 box - Mac and Cheese
2 cans - Green Beans
2 cans - Peas
2 cans - Corn
3 cans - Pork and Beans
2 cans - Vegetable Soup
1 can - Mixed Veggies
1 can - Carrots
1 can - Mixed Fruit
1 can - Applesauce
1 can - Spaghetti Rings
1 can - Spaghetti Sauce
1 can - Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
4 - Apple Cinnamon Muffins
1 - Fruit Pizza

Pork Update: I made BBQ sandwiches last week with the canned pork and I thought it turned out pretty good. Of course I had to rinse it good to get rid of all the fat. I liked it but Wendell complained he could tell it was canned. Honestly.... I think if he did not know it was the canned pork, he would of ate it and not said a word. *laughing*
Be on the lookout next week for my first book review and a giveaway. I am so excited about it especially when they have already sent me a second book to review.

Are you ready for a few Italian phrases today?

Prenditi una pausa.

prayn-dee-tee oon-ah pah-oo-sah

Take a breath

Grazie per l'aiuto

grah-zee-ay payr lah-you-tow

Thanks for your help.

Well, its time for me to get busy and get to work around the house. I hope you all are able to get outside and enjoy part of the day.

Take Care,


  1. Hi Debbie~ good luck with the job hunt:) Fruit pizza sounds wonderful, I haven't made that in a while! Sunny and near 80 here today:-D

  2. I've never had canned pork, but canned chicken is not too bad. I imagine those BBQ sandwiches were pretty good!

    I like your sampler a lot! On my screen the frame looks pretty dark and I love the design on it!

  3. I like your frame like it is, but it wouldn't hurt to make it a little darker if you wanted too. I'm with you.. I want to stay home and craft and stitch and paint all day and make money... that'd be so awesome! =]

    So glad to have met you on the Prim Pals forum! Looking forward to getting to know you better! Now I better get back over there and chat with ya'll. Hahaha!

  4. Good luck with the job hunt. I know it is not easy to find one. I love crafting, always have always will. It can take your mind off your troubles for a little bit. Glad to hear the weather is nice.