Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend...

I just want to wish you all a 'Happy Memorial Day' weekend! Please remember all of those who have fought so bravely for our freedom.

Not much going on here in Allenville, unless you count the 100 mile yard sale! Each year I tell myself I am going to try and save up a little cash to go but each year something comes up and I never make it. Its amazing how you see all those houses and roadside set ups along Highway 25 from Jackson, Missouri all the way down to the Arkansas border. If you are close to the area and have some free time, you should come on by. It started yesterday but runs all through tomorrow.

We will be sticking close to home all weekend, enjoying the beautiful weather and hopefully the pool. I am hoping that tomorrow we will be grilling something and maybe enjoy a nice supper on the front porch. I was out there for a bit this morning and the hummingbirds are starting to show up in bunches again. I love just sitting in my rocker out there watching them and the other birds.

I am hoping to add some new penny rugs to my selling blog and an Artfire shop. I have been working on them daily and right now trying to catch up on a few orders I have gotten. Thank you to those who are encouraging me and actually placing orders. I love you! *hugs*

Are you ready for a few Italian phrases today?

#1 - Vivi ed impara.
vee-vey ayd eem-pah-rah
Live and learn.

#2 - Fai del tuo meglio.
fye dayl too-oh mayl-yoh
Just do your best.

#3 - Vive nei nostri cuori.
vee-vay nay nohs-tree kwar-ee
Gone but not forgotten.

Well, I better go and start sewing. Please have a fun but safe holiday weekend and enjoy your family! Take care,

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  1. Sounds like they are trying to do the one like we have on US 40 every year:
    It'd over 800 miles long and has been going on for over 20 years.