Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Birds are Singing....

and the bees are buzzing. It looks like a beautiful day here in Allenville. We were hoping a part DH needs for the mower would be in but so far no luck. The clover is ankle high and the honey bees are everywhere which makes this girl who lives in flip flops during the summer nervous.

I guess you can say our weekend started with a 'BANG' yesterday afternoon. Wendell and I were heading to the food bank when an elderly gentleman in the right lane decided he wanted to be in the left lane. (It was a four lane highway - 2 heading south, 2 heading north) All I could see was his white Cadillac heading right over at me. I just closed my eyes.

Thankfully nobody was hurt and just shook up. Wendell's poor truck took the worst of it. It was still drivable but the passenger side door was jammed shut. The poor old guy was so upset and admitted to us and the police officers that it was his fault so that is good. We did manage to get our running done and we stopped off to the body shop who has done work for us in the past. They always give us the lowest estimates there. Imagine our surprise when he comes out saying its going to cost $3,956 to fix! Now I am just praying the old guy's insurance company will pay for it. The truck is a 96' but ran like a top. Heaven knows we have no way of making a vehicle payment right now.
In other news..... the farmer down the road put in a new water sprayer (or whatever they are called in his field over the past month....

Bad news is..... I don't think he is going to need it for a while! *laughing*

The water looks higher than it ever was earlier in the spring. Its even hopped over the levy in a few places. Thankfully the weather is suppose to be warm and no rain at least for a few days. Only trouble is we live down south and we all know that water runs down somewhere.
Today I am heading over to Chester to spend the day with my Daddy. My cousin is having a graduation/retirement party for his wife and mom today. I am taking the camera and hoping to get some good pictures of the family.

Before I leave though how about a few phrases????

#1 - Vino rosso o bianco?
vee-noh rohz-zoh oh bee-ahn-coh
Red or white wine?

#2 - Potrebbe piovere.
poh-trayb-bay pee-oh-vay-ray
It looks like it might rain.

#3 - Impara dai tuoi errori
eem-pah-rah die twoy air-roh-ree
Learn from your mistakes

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and can get out there and enjoy some sunshine!

Take Care,


  1. Wow that's alot to fix the damage, thank God no one was hurt though:) My bunnies would love to come eat up all your clover, LOL! Have a fun time with your family today! Hugs, Carmen

  2. Debbie,
    Thank goodness that no one was hurt. I hope that the elderly gentleman's insurance will cover everything to get your truck fixed.
    We've been having more rain than normal here, but they are not calling for any this coming week...instead temps in the upper 80's.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. So glad you and Wendell were not hurt! Scary! Sorry to hear that your car banged up and hopefully that man has insurance. Enjoyed your photos today!

  4. So glad everyone was okay! I'm praying the man's insurance company will compensate you well so you are not out any $$.

    That is a really cool picture of the water sprayer! I love it at that angle. We are supposed to be sunny with no rain around here too. Although it has been nice not to worry about watering my plants and flowers. Haha!

    Have a wonderful week Debbie!

  5. Praise God that no one was hurt. i hope all the insurance stuff goes smoothly for you!

    Love your take soem really nice shots. I especially love the first one!

    Have a wonderful day Debbie!