Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where's Debbie???

I was doing so well, blogging almost everyday then poof!

This past week seems like it has been so busy but yet I feel like I have not gotten anything accomplished. Ever have days like that? The one thing I have been doing is some crafting but I can't show it yet because most of it is stuff I am doing for the April 'Happiness Exchange/Swap' that we are doing on Prim Pals. Between crafting and working on the forum I find myself getting way behind on my blogging. I promise to do better, okay?

I did tried to fight the bees the other day to get to this, but once I got to it I couldn't figure out the best way to cut the springs out. Anyone have some suggestions for me?

We have three these here at the old farmhouse and I am just dying to get some of those springs off, rust them up and make some nodders. I think though, that I will try and tackle the two that are upstairs in the house. I won't have to fight off bumble bees! *laughing*


Are you ready for some Italian phrases???

E' il top

Ay eel tohp

Top of the line


Assolutamente no!

ahs-soh-loo-tah-mayn-tay noh

Absolutely not!


Quel ristorante e' per famiglie?

kwel-ree-stoh-rahn-tay ay payr fah-meel-yah

Is that restaurant family friendly?


Have you got your hummingbird feeders out? We have had them out for two weeks here and while I have seen a few here and there, today I have noticed the hummers out a little more. Wendell and I enjoy sitting out on the porch watching them. Last year I swore I could of held a feeder and they would of sat on it to eat. Maybe this year, huh?

Well I am off to try and enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine here today. I hope you are able to too!

Take Care,



  1. Debbie, it is snow & rain mix here today, high in the low 40's! Also the first day of trout fishing, my son had to come home & put LONG JOHNS on :( I would just try wire cutters on the bedsprings, I have one that's already rusted some, it's been laying out by the shed for a couple months:)

  2. I'll bet you need some sturdy wire cutters to get those springs out. What on earth are you going to do with old bedsprings, anyway? I hope you post the end result!

    I thought about trying to hold the feeders in my hand last year, but didn't want the little guys to get too comfortable with people because some people can be really nasty. :( Maybe I'm being too cautious, huh?

  3. Debbie,
    You lucky girl to have some old mattress to use the springs for nodders!! I'm not sure what is the best way to get the springs out though.
    The hummingbirds aren't back here in our area yet, but this is about the time that they come back. My MIL has had her feeders out for a week now, but no little birds yet. I'm going to go ahead and put mine out this week.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  4. Hi Sweetie, if wire cutters don't work on your springs, you can always use bolt cutters. That would do the job, but try wire cutters first.

    I've got my hummingbird feeders up, and have seen two hummers already. I have a large one, and last year I had to fill it daily, there were so many of them. I hope we have some more showing up soon. At the end of the summer they didn't even fly off while I was up close taking their pictures!

  5. Hi Debbie, glad you are back. I missed you. I look forward to seeing the pictures of the hummingbirds this year. We have hummingbirds here but not too many.

    Hope you and hubby are having a very nice Sunday!


  6. Hey debbie :) hadn't talk to you in a few days, thought I'd stop by and see if everything was alright :)