Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is here!

At least I hope so. All the trees are blooming and bees are everywhere. According to last nights weather we are suppose to have sun for the next seven days and hopefully temperatures up into the mid-seventies. Yes!

Of course today it is so windy that I didn't spend much time outside. Instead I stayed indoors and made homemade meatballs and spaghetti sauce for tonight's supper. I have fresh bread sticks rising as we type. I close my eyes and I have memories of being at my grandma Masuccio's early on Sunday morning. She would always get up early and start a big pot of sauce for Sunday dinner with the whole family. I miss those days.


Thursday I had decided to try making 'pennies' for a candle mat or something... So for the past few days when I find a few minutes here or there to do something, I have been cutting out felt circles. I know... its not wool but for my first try, I think they will work out.

So far, this is what I have got. This make a great thing to do when your hubby wants you to sit down and spend time with him and he forces you to watch an army movie! *laughing*


Ready for a few phrases today?

#1 - Scusi, quello e' il mio posto.

scooh-see, kwel-low ay eel mee-oh pohs-toh

Excuse me, that's my seat.


#2 - Naturalmente lo faro'.

nah-toor-ahl-mayn-tay low fah-row

Of course I will.


I know almost all of you have heard me talk about Prim Pals, a new forum for all lovers of prim and just crafts in general. Well we have what we are calling a 'Happiness Exchange' each month were two of us get matched together and are pen pals of a sort for the month. The plan is to prepare a little box of goodies for your partner during the month and if you want to go that extra mile, actually send a card or letter. Well look what I got from my partner Melissa over at MsPrimNCountry.

I love it! She took the time to print my store name on a piece of muslin and embellish with those great little rusty stars! I already have plans on framing it to put on the wall in my craft room. Thank you so much Melissa!

Well my bread sticks are ready to come out of the oven so I better close for today. I hope you all got a chance to enjoy a little sunshine.

Take Care,



  1. How awesome of Melissa, I will have to check out her blog!! I love your pennies too, those are beautiful! I'm busy painting today, those 2 paneled walls in my LR, I figured might as well go for it:)

  2. I love those breadsticks!!! Im coming for dinner.... hehe!

  3. What a beautiful tree you have there - I can't wait until we start getting our trees blossoming like that!


  4. Wow.. what an awesome card. She is certainly talented!! Can't wait to see what everyone gets in their goody boxes from their pals. Hope you get to get out there and enjoy some sunshine today, although those meatballs and sauce sure sound good. LOL. Enjoy your day.

    Big Hugs,