Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paying for the Sunshine...

That is what we are doing. Here in Southeast Missouri we have had almost two weeks of beautiful weather. Starting last night and so far all day today we have had nothing but thunderstorms. The farmers spent the last week plowing and fertilizing their fields and now as I look out the window all I see is mud! Hopefully it will start drying up by next weekend. I want to get our garden out.

All the irises are popping up and blooming and look so pretty. Yesterday I went to check on the asparagus and its coming up but really spindly. I was going through old post and found by this time last year, we had already had a couple good batches of it. Hopefully all this rain will get it going.


Ready for a few phrases today?

Ogni giorno e' un nuovo girono.

ohn-yee johr-noh ay oon nwoh-voh johr-noh

Every day's a new day.


Buon Compleanno!

bwon cohm-play-ahn-noh

Happy Birthday!


Thursday was my youngest son, Lucas's birthday. I cannot believe my baby is 24. I don't feel much older than that myself. Well.... maybe a little bit. I found myself reminiscing and remembered that 24 years ago on that day, I was out mowing the yard. I was two weeks overdue and my husband's sister had come over, threatening my life if I was not careful. *laughing* I still mowed the grass and after cleaning up proceeded to my nearest Dairy Queen and ordered a double cheeseburger and fries with a chocolate shake. After I finished eating... I told them all I was in labor. I knew if I had not eaten before, once I got to the hospital, they would not let me eat till I had him.

Five and a half hours later, Lucas made his way into the world!

Well there is some serious thunder and lightening going on out there so I better sign off. I hope you all are having a drier weekend than we are.

Take Care,



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your *baby* Lucas:)Please stay safe in those storms Debbie! It's been wonderful here too, everything is blooming early this year, but chances for rain today through next wed. UGH! Loved your comment in that we are alot alike, Maybe we were twins in a past life, lol, maybe back in the pioneer days, how exciting!!!!

  2. I hope the aspargus gets bigger! Did you let it get tall and fern like last year after it was done? They say that *feeds* the plants.

  3. Happy Birthday to your son. My youngest is 23... how fast the years go by!!
    We have rain here...the storms ended up going south of us, but they are calling for more rain tomorrow.

  4. Great post Debbie ~ good for you getting to the DQ before going to the hospital. Yum!

    Maybe someday we'll get to shop together. Lucketts was awesome. I didn't spend much but I sure had fun looking and taking pictures!