Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Early Morning Visitor...

Early this morning, Wendell peeked out to see what the weather was like and look who came for a visit.

We see them around but had no clue they were getting brave and hopping up on the front porch. I think tonight I am going to try and set out a little dish of something out there and see if he or she comes back. We are so happy to know we still have one after finding two dead ones last month. There had been an eagle spotted in our yard on several occasions and we are figuring he was the culprit.

Last night we were hit by a big thunderstorm last night and pelted with hail. It was all over the porch. They said we had some 60 mph winds with it! I am just glad we didn't have any damage. Tonight we have frost warnings! I am glad we don't have any plants out yet.


Are you ready for today's Italian phrase of the day? It looks to be one I could of used a few weeks ago. *laughing*

Non credere a tutto quello che leggi.

non cray-day-ray ah toot-toh kwel-low kay lay-gee

Don't believe everything you read.


Well I am off to cut more felt circles. I have decided to try my hand at doing my first Penny rug. Wish me luck!



  1. Awww...what a precious visitor! I bet he would eat some romaine lettuce or fresh parsley:) Good luck with the penny rug,that's something I've never attempted:)

  2. Looks like you're on better terms with the local wildlife than I am Debbie - I can't stand rabbits - they dig up our garden and terrorise our nice lawn, leaving areas set aside for their toileting!

    Still - if you don't get that many, they're nice little things to look at!


  3. Oh Debbie the bunny is so cute! You are a lucky lady! My grandma always said if there were bunnies around you have great luck!

  4. Debbie~

    Your bunny is cute! I am glad that you didn't have any damage from the storm last night! I hope it doesn't frost too much! I hope you had a great day!


  5. Rabbit Stew! Im kidding sis...he is cute! I remember seeing one when I was visiting you. I dont have any rabbits here but we do have a pheasant I hear every morning!

  6. How cute! :) I hope you don't get frost!

  7. I bet your little bunny would love some carrots. I'm glad nothing was damaged in the storm, I bet it was loud and wild. We don't have to worry to much about high winds because of all the trees. I've been planning on trying my hand at a penny rug, you will have to tell me how it goes!


  8. Debbie,
    We have a big bunny at our house too. We think that it might be a mama.
    Good luck with your first penny rug.