Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Beautiful Day and A Giveaway!

What a beautiful day it is here in Missouri. The sun is shining and its not to windy. I was actually able to get outside and clean off the front porch. Now I can enjoy sitting out there with a sweet tea and book.

Its also a wonderful day for a giveaway which is what Karen over at The Barely There Primitive Bear is doing!

Karen is hosting her 2nd giveaway for reaching 100 followers and having 100 post! Yay Karen!


Hopefully tomorrow I will have a few more pictures to share. We got our tiller back and hopefully between Wendell and myself, we will be able to get the ground worked up enough to plan some garden! I am so ready for fresh tomatoes and other veggies.

Later this evening I have hopes of getting out into the sheds and pull out some of the old enamelware in there to use at flower pots. They all have holes in them so I won't have to worry about drainage. Right now I can't get in with then because the bees or horrible. Buzzing everywhere....


Ready for the Italian phrase of the day?

Non dimenticare mai

non dee-mayn-tee-cah-ray mye

Never forget.


Well, I am off to go back outside and enjoy a glass of sweet tea and read. I hope you all are able to get out and enjoy today too!

Take Care,



  1. sounds like you have lots of plans! I am getting ready to get all the garden beds growing. Fresh, vine-ripened, sun-warmed tomatoes...that's a good reason to live right there

  2. Would love to hear about your garden plans.

  3. We're planting like crazy here! :) I love it when the little seedlings pop up out of the soil. I've redone all my porch planters, too, but I'm thinking I need a few more - old enamelware would be gorgeous with flowers spilling out of it!

  4. I bet your garden is going to be great! The weather has been warm here too! I am thinking about planting my flowers this weekend! I hope you have a great day!