Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Asparagus is coming!

Yesterday was so beautiful, 84 degrees and just a nice breeze blowing across the yard. I could not resist walking through the side yard and over to the asparagus patch. After five minutes or so of looking it over I found one, lonely little spear!

Its almost hard to make out with all the grass around it but there it was about three inches tall. Now it won't make much of a meal but it is a good sign that I will be stocking up soon. The asparagus batch is like my version of being able to go mushroom hunting. (I have not been mushroom hunting but once since I moved to Missouri and never found a one.) You can go out there one morning and there with be nothing but go back later in the afternoon and you can see all the little spears sticking up out of the ground.

What really makes it funny is that though the patch is in the side yard... we have found asparagus growing 50 feet from in in the ditch out front, down the side yard, in the base of bushes. It seems to be everywhere. I love it!


Here are a few Italian phrases for today:

#1 - Osa l'inosabile.

oh-sah lee-noh-sah-bee-lay

Reach for the stars.


#2 - Tassi'!




Not much else is going on around here. I am reading a good book that I borrowed from my husband. For his English class they were given an assignment to write a paper on a subject of interest to them. Wendell chose the Holocaust. One of the books he had was a collection of diaries from a young girl named Nonna Bannister. I picked it up and was immediately sucked in. I have not finished it yet but will tell you more about it when I have. Right now, I can't imagine what it was like for her growing up in Russia back then.


Well I hope you all have a very happy Tuesday! I am hoping to get out in the yard and try to start the pool cleaning process and work a little more at getting the garden spot ready for planting this weekend. More on that later too!

Take Care and hope you enjoy a beautiful day!



  1. What a treasure hunt of asparagus!!! When I was wee little in Germany, my great gramma used to take me into the woods to pick mushrooms and blueberries, I was only 3 or 4 but remember how much fun it was:) Hope you have a wonderful day sweet friend!

  2. I would love to find some asparagus but don't have that kind of luck. It was kind of exciting to go out in the garden one day and there was nothing coming up and the next day Billy walked down the rows where we planted corn and counted 147 little corn plants popped through the ground...it was then that reality hit and I started thinking about how much work it will be putting all the veggies up out of the garden.
    All in all we do feel blessed that most of our garden is starting to sprout up.

  3. I can see the asparagus! I hope you grow a lot of them this year.

    I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!


  4. Hello Debbie~I've truly missed my visits, but little by little I'm making my way back.
    Although last month was difficult with our loses a new month has brought new hope.
    I poured myself a cup of tea and read a spell...Look like you'll have a few Asparagus recipes to add to your foodie blog. I do stroll over to see what you're cooking up.
    I make seasoned fries on occasion, they're delish dipped in a sour cream dip. The meatballs are on my list to try.

    I'm so excited to see spring blooms popping up. I look forward to applying the inspirational palette of colors into a few projects, with a little cooking in between.
    Don't you love the aroma that fills the air during this season?
    It's definitely invigorating.

    Stroll by for a visit, your company will be nice.

    Sweet wishes,

  5. Asparagus! yay!! I LOVE asparagus! My husband would like to do a garden in our yard...I totally did not think about asparagus...I'm gonna tell him!!!

  6. Planting your garden this weekend? We have to wait until Memorial Day. I hope your garden give you loads of good veggies. I want to plant some herbs again this summer. Do you do that, Dabbie?

  7. I lived in Birch Tree Missouri in the late sixties. My mother-in-law canned mushrooms by the bushels. I don't know what kind they were but we fried them and they were kinda lacey looking. It was a big event there. I wish I had planted asparagus here, even tho my space is limited. Love your Italian phrases. Have you done "it wasn't my fault"?

  8. Our asparagus is coming up, too! I planted it a few years ago and had nearly given up on it when it decided to start growing! Love this time of year! :)