Sunday, March 28, 2010

What an exciting Friday!

A month or so ago, I had posted how much I would love to find a wooden bowl. I was so touched that so many contacted me letting me know they would keep on the look-out. Thank you so very much. Imagine how excited I was when my friend Marie from Spun By Me emailed me that she already had one that she would be willing to do a trade for. Arrangements were made and look what I got in the mail on Friday!

This beautiful old wooden bowl, a quilt remnant, vintage hankie, notepad and wonderful plaque! Thank you so VERY, VERY much Marie! *big hugs*

I immediately cleaned off my table and decided to use the quilt remnant on it as a tablecloth, then filled the bowl with some moss and my salt dough flowers. I think it looks so pretty despite my DH telling me that my flowers looked like eggs 'sunny side up'. Men! *laughing*


Friday is my niece's ninth birthday and while I do not get to see her very often I wanted to get her something I thought she would appreciate for her birthday. So Friday I went out and bought a paper mache box and painted it with flowers and her name.

She loves to craft, just like her Auntie :), so I decided to fill it with paints, brushes, ribbon and some salt dough hearts and flowers to be used as necklaces. I hope she likes it.


Here are the next two Italian phrases for the day:

#1 - Che tipo di vino e'!

kay tee-poh dee vee-noh ay

What kind of wine is that?


#2 - Alleluia!




I also wanted to let you know there is a new recipe posted over at Cooking at Goat Creek . Its for my version of the Crabbed Stuffed Mushrooms that they serve at Red Lobster.

They turned out yummy and I think you will enjoy them!

Take care and I hope you all can enjoy your Sunday afternoon. Its a rainy one here again so I plan on trying to work on a few crafts and help DH with his psychology homework. Can you guess which one I am more excited about? *laughing*



  1. I love all your goodies you got, and the box for Brenna is such a wonderful idea!!!! Also love your *daisies* in the bowl:)

  2. What a lovely wooden bowl! :)

    And a very thoughtful gift for your niece. So pretty!

  3. I'm so glad somebody found a bowl for you - that was a very sweet thing to do! Have fun with your afternoon activities!

  4. I think your flowers look perfect in that bowl! And I think those stuffed mushrooms look pretty perfect too! Yum!!!

  5. Hi Debbie,
    I love how your flowers look laying in the old that piece of a quilt too!!
    I just know that your niece will love her box with the goodies inside. My granddaughter turns 10 in May and she loves that kind of stuff.
    It's raining here in Ohio also...and it looks like it is going to rain on my birthday tomorrow too. Bummer!!