Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tomorrow is the Day!

It was so pretty yesterday that I had a hard time getting online. It actually got up to 70+ degrees and on the way into town to get our taxes done, I actually saw daffodils blooming!
Usually we would go to H&R Block to get our taxes done but they are so expenses anymore we couldn't afford that. Instead we went down to the Salvation Army where AARP comes down on Mondays and does taxes for those of us that are low income. We are barely getting anything back but if we had gone to H&R Block we may have broke even. No fun...
So if you are having a hard time and need help with your taxes, go online and check out the AARP website. You just have to key in your zip code and it will let you know if they are doing this service in an area near you.
Are you ready for today's phrase? Well, yesterday and todays...

#1 - Non si puo' accontentare tutti.

non see pwoh ahc-con-tayn-tah-ray

You can't please everyone.


#2 - Dolce angelo mio.

dohl-chay ahn-jay-low mee-oh

My sweet angel.


Tomorrow is the big unveiling of the surprise TJ (Willow Bend Prims) and I have been working on. We both think this will be something almost all of you would enjoy and hope you will check in with us tomorrow to see what it is. I can't wait!!!
Well, Wendell is in class as I type and I need to start prepping up for supper tonight. Seems like he is always starving by the time he gets home. Just like any other school kid, I suppose. :) Tonight he requested beef stroganoff. I was planning on doing a recipe out of the Hamburger Cook Book but didn't have the heart to disappoint him so I guess that recipe will have to wait till tomorrow.

Hope you all are having a nice Tuesday and that we will see you back here tomorrow for our big 'unveiling'!

Take Care,

Debbie *hugs*


  1. I'll post about the new surprise tomorrow too!

  2. Pass it along, I mean! That A makes a difference!

  3. That's good to know - the AARP thing. I'll pass that long to some folks who might need it.

  4. Can't wait to see what you guys have been working on.

  5. Hi Debbie, the sunflowers were not hard at all. If you go to http://freecraftarticles.blogspot.com and click on sunflowers in the categories column there is a tutorial there to make them:)