Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thinking of Spring...

I am so ready for Spring that I am making my own flowers here. I finished staining these with coffee last night and think they turned out so pretty. The colors are bright but the coffee stain seems to have toned them down so they would be able to go with prim decor too.

See.... I really need a wooden bowl to be able to display them better! *laughing*

These are done with a white and a light pink. Wendell said they reminded him of the flowers on a dogwood tree. Both sets can be found on my selling blog at Goat Creek Mercantile under the Salt Dough button.


Other things on the crafting front are that I am trying to also open a shop on Artfire. A good friend of mine, Cindy does machine embroidery and has had a shop there for quite a while now and has been after me to start one of my own. Well I am there and signed up.... just need to figure what I am doing now that I am there.

Since I have not found any local craft shows going on around here, Cindy has also offered to let me send her a few of my salt dough creations to sell at a show she is doing April 17th. I figure this gives me a month to get together a little package to send her. She is so sweet to me and one of my biggest cheerleaders! Thank you Cindy!


Ready for today's phrase??? It is:

Abbracci e Baci

ahb-brah-chee ay bah-chee

Hugs and Kisses

Well, I better scoot. Its 1 o'clock and I have yet to figure out what to fix Wendell for supper tonight. He can be so picky at times. He has this idea if he has chicken one night, he can't have if for at least the next two nights. Crazy.... Lucky for him he is getting pork steaks tonight... maybe I will do some boiled potatoes in butter..... mmmmmm I am making myself hungry.

Take Care,



  1. the flowers are so pretty I love them! I need to make some for Easter! Have a great day we got some snow but nothing much really.


  2. OH MY Debbie I am LOVING those coffee stained ones!!!!!! I tried the "stone" dough yesterday, I really didn't care much for it and it dries whitish so you really don't notice the coffee grounds in it :( I am waiting to be able to head out back for a small branch that I wanna hang my cupcakes from, then I'll show then off on my blog!

  3. They look awesome!! I love the coffee stain on them.

  4. I love those flowers - the light ones do look like dogwood flowers! Your salt dough items are gorgeous - mine always look like lumps!

  5. My goodness Debbie - you sure have been a busy girl while I've been away! I love these new flowers...especially the white coffee stained ones.
    I was thinkin' that maybe you'd like to trade a wooden bowl for some of them. I'll send you a photo of the bowl later tonight and you can tell me what you think.

  6. Love them, so cute! You did a great job! Good luck selling them!