Sunday, March 21, 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling....

but at least its not snow! The weather today is so different from what we have been having all last week. Wednesday through Saturday were absolutely beautiful! Today.... not so much.

There has not been a whole lot going on this weekend. I did manage to get some cinnamon stars done up to sell on my selling blog. They turned out smelling great.

I also managed to try out a new recipe for an 'Irish Potato Casserole'.

It turned out to be a really cheesy dish that Wendell really liked. You will be able to find it on the Cooking at Goat Creek blog.


Well Friday, the repairman came and looked at the refrigerator. It couldn't of been something simple like the switch. (a part he had on the truck) It ended up being the element. When he took off the back, in the freezer section, it was nothing but ice. He thawed it out with a hair dryer and said that should hold me till he can get the part in on Wednesday. I guess I should just be thankful he could fix it. I would hate to have to come up with a new fridge.


Ready for a few Italian phrases?

#1 - Balliamo.


Let's Dance.


Quanto costa?

kwan-toe cohs-tah

How much is it?


I am really looking forward to tomorrow. School is back in session! Yay me! Will be nice to have a little time to myself. This has been a rough week.

Tomorrow I will post new pictures of the flooding to compare. When we went to church this morning the water had really risen and its been raining all day. I am praying that April will be a fairly dry month. We don't need any April showers! *laughing*

I am off to figure out supper. Hope everyone managed to stay dry today or at least warm. Take Care,



  1. Yes, we had all the showers we needed over the winter! :) Your potato casserole looks really good!

  2. i'm glad you don't have to buy a new fridge! your cinnamon stars are so yummy looking!! great job :) I'm glad school is back in session, that'll give you a bit of peace and quiet! Our weather has finally turned nice around here, we are in great need of april showers but it sounds like you don't need any april showers out there!

  3. That casserole looks yummy! We are getting rain here yuck I am really over all this rain!

    Love your ornaments


  4. The rain is headed this way too:( Those potatoes look delicious, I'll have to go get the recipe for those:)

  5. Still enjoying your blog....interesting. I love the cinnamon are doing a good job with all of your crafty things! Love your bright!


  6. I hope school is going well and I hope dryer days are coming!