Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Surprises and Happy Mail...

Yesterday was definitely a 'No Blogging' day as Blogger wouldn't let me do anything. I did manage to read a few of my favorite blogs but even posting a comment was difficult. Does anyone else have that problem? I like to blame most of my trouble on my dial-up service.


I got up and made the bed in the morning only to go in and find this big lump under the covers.

I quietly pulled up the covers to find my little red head trying to nap. Think she could of been cold?

She definitely was not too happy to have her hiding spot disturbed.


I wanted to share more of the treasures I found while cleaning out the tubs the other day. When my mom passed away she had several of the items she had made for craft shows packed away in a tub. My dad didn't want them and I could not bear to just give them away. I can remember her spending hours stuffing those bunnies. She took so much time to make sure they were just right.

There was this cute little pair. I have a similar pair packed up that she had given me.

Then this cute bunny, complete with bloomers and apron.

And my favorite one... her little christening bunny.

I have a set of cows she made me and a few sets of bunnies but have them packed away because I don't trust Sasha with stuffed animals. She loves babies. Wendell told me I should just try and sell them but I still can't bear to part with them even though I know its silly.


In one of the tubs I found this piece that mom had crocheted. Its about six feet long and about foot wide. I think it would make a nice valance if I could figure out how to hang it.

Here is a rooster that I did years ago. I got into doing the 'filet' crochet. I think it it so neat to be able to put a picture into a doily or hanging. Somewhere I have a book of patterns... now I just have to find it.

Then there were these...

A shoebox filled with snowflakes... I remember mom hanging these on a tree. They were all starched and pressed nicely. Just looking at these can tell you what type of patience she had. I think she did some of the nicest handiwork. Its no wonder I love to craft. My mom was a constant inspiration to me and always encouraging me. I miss her....


Are yo ready for two phrases today?

#1 - Puoi aggiustarlo?

pwoy ah-jew-star-loh

Can you fix it?


#2 - E' stata una bella serata.

ay stah-tah oon-ah bayl-lah say-rah-tah

It was a lovely evening.


Before I close today I wanted to thank Kim over at Beautiful Bridgets for the Happy Mail I received on Wednesday. Kim is a fiber artist and makes some of the most beautiful scarves I have ever seen. Thanks again Kim!

Hopefully this time next month TJ and I will have our 'Prim Pals' site up and running. I think it will be so much fun for all of us to have our own version of Happy Mail. Right now the only hold up is me trying to figure out how to do a blog with more than one page (and tabs on the top). If anyone knows how to do it and can give me a pointer or lead me in the right direction... we would appreciated it! :)

Take care and I hope you are able to enjoy this beautiful Friday!



  1. Debbie, blogger was a nightmare yesterday, I have DSL and couldn't get in my dashboard till last night and half the blogs wouldn't load, ARG! I don't think it's silly at all to keep those wonderful items your mom made, they are beautiful, she was very talented and I'm glad she passed down her love for crafting:) I didn't sign up yet for the happy mail, but I sent out a little something for you yesterday, just because:D

  2. hi Debbie, your things from your Mother are so pretty. My mom helped me with dolls and she could crochet too. We do miss our Moms so much; even though I am older, it never changes.

    I am getting such a kick out of your phrases. I hope you will keep them as a part of your posts. Wish I could help you with the techno stuff, I would love to know all that too. Alas, I am lucky to do as much as I do. Have a nice weekend, it's warming up.

  3. Your Mom's things are beautiful...she did lovely work.
    Maybe you could take that crocheted piece and run string through the top (like a running stitch) and then tie it to curtian brackets. I think that's nice country look. It could be tied tight or hanging down a bit...does that make sense?
    I didn't find a box for the bowl yet - my DH is going to bring some home from work for me to try. I'll send you an email when it goes in the mail!

  4. hey Debbie! your cat is adorable!

    as far as the pages for your blog, are you trying to do it on blogger? if so go to your dashboard,then layout then when it pulls up your blog layout click on add a gadget link. the very first option is pages.
    click on the little plus sign, it'll let you edit that new page.

    if you have any questions or if that doesn't make sense just let me know. i'm happy to help you!

  5. I couldn't post yesterday, either, and just gave up. Things seem fine this morning, though. I love your mother's crafts - she really was an artist, wasn't she?

  6. Beautiful handiwork, I can see how your Mother inspired you. Seeing the bunnies makes me want to find a patern and try my hand at making one for spring. I can think of a dozen ways to place if for a friendly hello.

  7. Are those snowflakes tatted? or crocheted? They are great! You could prim those bunnies up with a little tea dying hehe! My mom used to make those as well. I actually think I even made a few myself many moons ago!

  8. Debbie,
    Loveeeee all your stuff your Mom made !!!! Isn't it GREAT to have things handmade from those we love and cherish ? Imma' try and give you a call tomorrow if thats ok ? Hope your havin a wonderful weekend !!!
    Prim Huggs n Blessins