Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Last Day of March...

The sun is shining but the wind is blowing something fierce... Right now it looks to be 72 degrees out there and tomorrow the weatherman says it may get to 80! I can handle this. Anything but the awful rain.

Because this is what it looks like when you stand on my front porch today. Yesterday Wendell and I noticed those big white birds all over the place. And a few spots with standing water even had wood ducks sitting in them. I love ducks...


The last few mornings I have been disappointed with my little feathered friends. I had not seen a cardinal in my bush for two days. Only birds we have seen a lot of are those darn, annoying crackles. They have those beady little yellow eyes... almost scary looking.

This morning I was greeted by this shy little morning dove. We have noticed a few pair of them hanging around the yard but none have gotten this close before. I love how she would stick her head up like she was trying to catch me when I was not looking.


Ready for two more phrases today?

#1 - E' un peccato.

ay oon pay-ccah-toe

That's a shame.


#2 - Ci provero'.

chee proh-vay-row

I'll give it a try.


Last night I spent the entire evening helping Wendell do a Power Point presentation on 'Adult Cognitive: In the Later Years' . I was so tired of it by the tine it was done but let me tell you.... I was so proud of myself for being so patient with him on it. It is so hard to teach him how to do anything, anymore but I managed to keep from strangling him.

Tonight we start his next project... A story on the Holocaust for his English class. I helped him a little today on researching and I think this one will be pretty interesting. He loves to read and write... I keep telling him that maybe he should think about changing his major to history instead of agriculture.

Well its about time to start supper so I better get moving. I hope you all are able to enjoy some of the sun today. Take care,



  1. Love your cute little mourning dove! I have a pair nesting in our house gutters right now. Enjoy the warm day!

  2. Glad the rains have stopped...and the wehater is nicer for ya.
    Wishin' you and Wendell a very happy and blessed Easter!!

  3. I just love your pics ! What kind of camera do you use ? I been meaning to ask you that but we always get to giggling and laughing when chatting and I always forget lol.....Hope you and Wendell are having fun with the report.
    Talk to ya soon.
    Love Ya

  4. Looks like we're in for some warmer weather too! So glad spring is coming!

  5. Happy Easter - enjoy the warmer spring weather and here's hoping you dry out a little!