Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love Cookbooks....

I absolutely love them. When we walk into a bookstore Wendell never has to look too far because he knows where to find me. There are so many new and old cookbooks out there.

I was finally able to grab a shelf last week an put some of my books on it. I still have another box somewhere in storage that has more of them hiding in it. I can't wait to find them because it will be like 'Christmas' for me. See that big black binder on the top shelf??? That is 'my cookbook' that I have been slowly putting together the past year. I probably have at least another binder of recipes I need to type up to put in it.

I have made it my goal to type up a few each night and hopefully I will catch up on that. I have also been trying to figure out how to maybe do it into an 'ebook'. Does anyone have an idea how to do that? If so I would greatly appreciate some pointers. :)

Now I am getting side-tracked.... I was meaning to ask if any of you had any cookbooks that you really enjoy and recommend. I am always looking for new ideas for supper. I am surfing now trying to come up with an idea for salmon filet's. I like salmon but not so much grilled or broiled in the oven. I love it smoked and on crackers.


Ready for today's phrase?

Non ci posso credere!

non chee pohs-soh cray-day-ray

Give me a break!


Well, my dear husband just handed me homework he needs re-typed so I best get busy. I hope you all enjoy your Friday and have a chance to let creativity flow this weekend!

Take Care,



  1. your shelf looks great and you have a nice cookbook collection:) As for your big one, why not have it published some day?? Enjoy the day and weekend:D

  2. I love your black binder! Mine is tiny in comparison!

  3. Oh, I love cookbooks, too, although I have to admit that now that I have the Internet I usually use Google to find the recipes I want. have a great weekend!

  4. We do Salmon in the oven with a lemon dill sauce on it....I dont really have a recipe. The Lemon Dill seasoning came from an Epicure spice party and it is really good on most fish.

  5. Not a cookbook but IMHO the cheapest place online to buy cookbooks:

  6. Your cookbook shelf looks a lot like mine LOL. I love cookbooks. Can never have too many!

  7. Hey there Debbie!
    I love all the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks! They are by far my favourites.

    Btw, your blog background is fabulous!