Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Forum is Up and Running!

Imagine how thrilling it was for TJ and I to see our fellow bloggers come check out the new Prim Pals Forum and the new Prim Pal Blog! We can't explain how exiting it was to wake up this morning and see we had 14 members ! Its going to be so much fun watching these sites grow.

We did get a few emails yesterday and feel that we need to clarify a little about the sites. They are both completely separate. You do not have to join one to belong to the other but you can belong to both if you wanna! :)

Also... please don't think you have to participate each month if you follow the Prim Pals blog. The pal exchange will be on a month by month basis. You just have to let us know before the 25th of each month if you want to participate or not. Its all totally up to you. We do not want our friends to feel that they are being pressured to participate each month. We know that some of us are going through rough times right now and even $10 can be hard to come up with at times.

I hope that this helps clear up some questions you may have had. And if you haven't checked out either site, we dare you too... :) You just may enjoy yourself!


I apologize for not posting the new phrase of the day, so I have two for you today:

#1 - Sei capace di tenere i tuoi figli sotto controllo?

sayee cah-pah-chay dee tay-nay-ray ee twoy feel-yee soh-toe cohn-troh-low

Can't you control your kids?


#2 - Il miglior amico.

eel mee-yore ah-mee-coh

Best Friend


Well, I am off to run a few errands with my sweetie this afternoon despite the fact that he tried to accuse me of messing with his mind this morning.... Ok.. I just have to tell you this story. Its funny, but then it is not. I woke up this morning and there was powdered sugar all over the counter. When I went to the food bank on Monday, they had given us a few bakery items from the local Schnucks, one being a gooey coffee cake. When Wendell woke up this morning, I told him thank you for the mess he left last night and he looked at me funny. I told him... you know, all the powdered sugar you left all over the counter from the coffee cake... "I didn't eat any coffee cake last night' he says. Well someone did, I tell him and show him that two-thirds of the thing is gone. He shook his head and swore he didn't remember eating anything after supper at 6:30 pm. He accused me of messing with his head till he saw it was almost gone.

If it wasn't for the fact that the MS affects his memory, it would of been hilarious.


Ok... I am really going this time. Take care and I hope you have sunshine wherever you are and can enjoy it!

*hugs* Debbie


  1. Congrats on the sites!! And I know the MS affects his memory....but dang that is funny! Just be careful...he could be the one messing with you!! No honey I didnt eat anything.... hehe

  2. I can sympathize with Wendell as Fibro fog as it's called is something I have alot, sometimes I wonder if I really am losin' it, lol! I love the new sites and I'm sure the forum will gain new members every day, how fun!!!

  3. Site and forum looks great! I can't wait to actually get to spend some time over there tomorrow! Went down to my grandmas house today, anyways.. that is a funny story!