Monday, March 22, 2010

Be Nice To People...

Despite the rain, Monday started off as a pretty good day, but that was short lived. I am not going to get into it but just want to say... Life is too short to hold grudges and bitterness. Talking about people without giving them a chance to defend themselves or clear up a 'mis-deed' or 'misunderstanding' is wrong. We are no longer in high school. We are adults and should conduct ourselves accordingly.

The past ten years have been hard for Wendell and I, and despite everything I am proud to say that I have ALWAYS treated people the way I would want to be treated. Despite warnings I have been given throughout life that I am too honest for my own good, one thing a person can count on is that when I meet you, I will not lie to you or try to 'use' you for my own personal gain. Friendship is a gift and something I don't take lightly and it hurts when I am not offered the same respect I try to give my friends whether they are 'real-life' or 'blogland' friends.

Remember this is the Internet... If someone does something and you don't like it or think its wrong, talk to them and let them know. They may not even realize how your feeling and chances are pretty good the whole situation could be settled quiet and calmly between the two of you with no hard feelings.

Yesterday at the end of our Pastor's sermon he left us with the words....

Just be nice to people... You never know what tomorrow brings.



  1. Nice post, Debbie. Communication on the Internet is easily misunderstood - thank you for the reminder!

  2. I prefer to thing of it as the *Thumper Theory*. Remember the rabbit from Bambi...whose momma told him....if you cant say anything nice....dont say anything at all!!!

  3. (((BIG HUGS))) Debbie, sounds like your day didn't go too well:( I totally agree with being nice as you never know what tomorrow brings, it's so true and many of us have regrets on could haves/should haves in ways we acted with certain people and they are no longer here now. I try hard to truly appreciate everyone in my life and I sure hope tomorrow is a better day, love ya:)

  4. I'm so lost.. I just read the other person's blog and I am so confused! I don't understand the awful words, I've known you for over a year..and you are just too kind for all of this. I know I'm in the dark here but keep your head up..

  5. Hi Debbie...."There but for the Grace of God ..go I". My mother preached that to us kids all of our growing up years. And you are right - you never know what tomorrow may bring! During the last year or two..I have found you to be so very pleasant, polite and would never say anything to hurt someone. I don't know what happened...but I feel bad that you are going through such a thing.


  6. Hi Debbie.....I don't know what you are talking about but WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST BE NICE TO EACH OTHER? Isn't that what life is all about? I have been coming to your blog for a year or two and I have never heard an unkind word from you....nothing negative. You are always plesant and polite. Do not listen to those who criticize the rest of the world. You are a good person, Debbie!