Saturday, February 6, 2010

What I Did on Friday...

I woke up bright and early yesterday and decided to tackle a little project I had been putting together in my mind. I wanted a 'light box' for taking photos of my craft goodies. I had heard people talking how expensive they could be and figured I never would get one but a few days ago the light bulb went off!

The first thing I did was take an old box that I had from from the post office and lined it with waxed paper (paper side up). I just secured it with a little tape and Voila! My own light box. All I have to do is 'borrow' Wendell's desk lamp and shine it into the box when I want to take pictures. Easy Peasy!!!

This is a picture of some of my ornies just laying on the table without the light box.These are pictures taken of ornies with the light box!

Don't you think they look a lot better and brighter? I cannot wait to try taking pictures of other things in it to see how they turn out.


The other night Wendell's brother took us out to eat after the visitation for their uncle who passed away on Monday. We went to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants and when I got my fortune cookie and opened it, was surprised to find that my fortune said:

You are imaginative in using your skills. Apply this week.

I showed it to Wendell and told him maybe this is a sign that I need to start on trying to set up a selling blog or etsy store for my crafting. With the way things have been going around here, it couldn't hurt right?

So to start on that goal... (it was one of my New Year goals list) I have posted a few of my latest salt dough creations on my sidebar for anyone who may be interested. I still have a lot to figure out with setting things up Pay Pal but until then if anyone is interested in making a purchase they can contact me via email at . Any of the ornament sets can be mixed and matched, you just have to let me know what your interested in. If there is something you would like but don't see.... just let me know and we can see what I can come up with.

Are you ready for a couple new Italian phrases for the day:

Si gela fuori.

see jay-lah fwoh-ree

It's freezing outside.


Hai un partner?

eye oon part-nayr

Are you in a relationship?


Well that is about it for today. Hey... if you need a new supper idea, I posted a new recipe for Stuffed Peppers over at Cooking at Goat Creek. I made these last night for supper and they turned out so yummy! Also over on the cooking blog I plan on posting a few sweet treats for Valentine's Day. I plan on posting my Strawberry Napoleon and my Turtle Cake recipe's for you. Either of those desserts would be great for that special guy and don't take a lot of time to prepare but will make him think you did.

Take care and Stay warm!

Debbie xxox


  1. Brilliant idea, Debbie!!!! Looks great!!!

  2. Debbie,
    I just love all your salt dough ornaments...they are awesome. Your light box works great!!!!! Perfect idea! I sould pay better attention to your Italian husband is Italian and speaks some...we have been to Italy twice 2005 and he has family there. We plan to go again maybe sometime this fall.

  3. Light box = brilliant idea!!!!! Thanks for sharing that, Debbie!!!
    Your ornies are sooo cute!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!!

  4. Debbie, that light box idea is GENIUS! The details sure show up alot better and I love those cupcakes, they look good enought to eat!!! Paypal is easy, just make sure you get the account to buy AND sell;)

  5. wow what an awesome idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!! I am totally going to try this!