Sunday, February 28, 2010

What A Beautiful Weekend...

I can hardly believe how beautiful this weekend has turned out to be. (Sorry to those of you with snow) Yesterday was so pretty we decided to take Sasha to one of the local parks in Cape Girardeau and take her for a walk. The park has a pond complete with geese and ducks. Its fun to watch people bring there kids out to feed them. Of course it was pretty windy yesterday and being near the water, I thought I was going to freeze but as you can see I managed to get a picture or two.

When we got home, Wendell actually pulled out the grill and cooked chicken for supper. The thermometer in the back of the house said 62 degrees but believe me, with the wind... if felt a lot colder.


While Wendell was out back grilling, I started poking around the garage and came across a half dozen Rubbermaid storage tubs filled with all kinds of forgotten goodies.

My embroidery floss and muslin! I have been looking a year for this stuff! I see all of the really neat things some of you have made and wanted to try it but couldn't find what I needed. I have a plan now to bring in one tub at a time and go through it all. It will be like Christmas!


Ready for a few Italian phrases? Yes... I missed another day... *hanging my head*

#1 Il silenzio 'e d'oro.

eel see-layn-zee-oh ay dohr-oh

Silence is golden.


#2 Come stai oggi?

koe-may sty oh-gee

How are you today?


Well, I am off to see what I can get into. I will check in tomorrow with some goodies to show if I get busy. Take care and I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful Sunday!



  1. Heh - "silence is golden" - that one I can heartily agree with! :) Glad you had a pretty weekend - we're slated for a pretty one next weekend. Now I just have to trudge through a long week capped off with a call shift to get there!

  2. Those swans are beautiful! I bet Sasha enjoyed her walk. Did she want to chase them? Wow thats alot of floss...your set to start stitching! Wonder what other goodies you will find!

  3. What treasures you have stored away! I love the ducks too!

  4. Pretty picture of the geese. We've had some on our water ~ even in the snow!

  5. 62 DEGREES!!! WOW! you are so lucky :) I think we came above freezing today lol. I can not wait to get the grill out, I miss grilled chicken, super yummy!

  6. Glad you are enjoying warmer weather. It has been gloomy here for about a week now. I love looking through bins fo craft stuff. I always buy things and forget about them. Have fun!