Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soaking Up Some Sun...

It was so pretty yesterday Wendell refused to be cooped up all day so we took a drive. Nothing special, just a drive to soak up some of the 60 degree weather we were having. Did I get any of my 'To Do...' list accomplished???? Well, no.... nothing except stopping by the storage unit to pick up the book shelf I wanted for in the kitchen. With some luck I may get my cookbooks transferred to their new home tonight. I said might because about 2:30 pm I got this killer headache. I am hoping that after a little nap it will disappear.

While I was at the storage unit I found a box with some tote bags I had made. I did manage to get some pictures taken and hope to post them on the selling blog tomorrow if anyone is interested.


Are you ready for today's Italian phrase of the day?

La carit'a comincia a casa propria.

lah cah-ree-tah coh-meen-chah ah cah-sah pro-pree-ah

Charity begins at home.


Well I am off to hopefully nap this headache away with 2 maximum strength Tylenol. Wish me luck and hope you are enjoying your Sunday!



  1. oh I hope your headache goes away soon!

    we had a nice weekend too!


  2. Hope the headache goes away SOON! We had sunshine today too, I did head off to Joann fabrics today but the leg pain got bad so I came back home:(

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I've had some headaches here lately...think it is the crazy weather that we've been having.

  4. 60 degrees! I'd have gone for a drive too! I can't wait for some warmer temps.
    Looks like you got some good staples from the food pantry.

    I hope you're feeling better ~ headaches are so draining. Hope yours is gone.