Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MRI Results Are In...

Well this morning was the morning we had to go to the doctor and find out Wendell's MRI results. The test did show a new lesion and fluid in the cavity where your optic nerve lies. The doctor doesn't seem too worried and stated that he thinks Wendell is actually doing very will with the course of treatment so they will not be making any changes. He does however want to do another MRI in six months to keep an eye on things. That makes me feel better because I wondered all along why they waited almost two years to do one. Just say a prayer please....


Tuesday's Italian Phrase of the Day is:

Parli inglese?

par-lee een-glay-say

Do you speak English?


Well my school kid is home and hungry so I need to finish up his supper. I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday and I will see you tomorrow!

Take Care and stay warm!



  1. I hope he continues to do well. Sending you best wishes and lot's of prayers.


  2. Great news about Wendell...I will certainly continue to lift Wendell in prayer.

    I love the photo ~ it's very pretty!