Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is in the air...

Only one more day till Valentine's Day! Are you ready??? I just finished a card for Wendell and I think I have the menu for tomorrow's dinner planned out. I found a recipe for a 'Chicken Scampi' that sounds good and I have a small piece of steak left in the freezer that I think I will do up for him. This Valentine's Day meal is going to be done on a small budget of $0 and everything will be made with what is on hand. I made him coconut cupcakes on Thursday so I am not sure what dessert will be. Maybe a chocolate pie? So what do you all have planned?


Are any of you Gerard Butler fans? If so, his new movie "Law Abiding Citizen" comes out on Tuesday. I won't be able to get it when it comes out but it definitely will be on my list of DVD's I want. I think I am in love! (or maybe it is lust???)

Just talking about him tells me that I will be watching 'P.S. I love you' tonight for my Gerard fix. I love that movie. Definitely one of the best chick flicks I have ever seen.


Well ready for the Italian phrase of the day?

Sono allergico a tutti i tipi di noci.

soh-no ahl-lair-gee-co ah toot-tee ee tee-pee dee noh-chee

I have an allergy to nuts.


Well I am off to do a little crafting. I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. Right now it is sunny but they say we can expect flurries and maybe some snow between now and Monday.

Stay warm!



  1. He's cute ;) Tomorrow is mine & hubby's Anniversary (23 yrs) wow, seems like a long time, lol! Happy Valentine's day to you and I'm sure your meal will be wonderful:)

  2. Hi Debbie!....I can't say that I am a GB fan but you go girl! LOL

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day with your hubs!

  3. Hi Debbie....Our Valentine's Day dinner will be steak (out of the freezer), baked potato, and tossed salad. Haven't figured out the dessert yet. Hubby will cook the steaks on the grill. Looking forward to it.

    Your heart throb there is a HUNK!!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day

  4. I started reading your blog this evening and found it so interesting that I kept going further back to your older postings. Have a wonderful week!