Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Want A Do-Over!

This week has been a rough one and its only Wednesday. I am almost afraid to see what the rest of the week has in store for us.

Living out here in the boonies requires the electric company to actually come out and read the meters. Less than a month ago the electric company installed a new digital meter. Ok.... that is fine as long as it works, right? Well.... to help us out the landlord kept the electric in his name so we wouldn't have to pay a big deposit when we moved in.

Well Monday night the landlord calls and tells us that this months bill is $311.00! WTH!!! With Wendell being on disability, things are tight and we try to watch everything we do. Last month when the electric bill was $180.00 so we went through the entire house unplugging and turning off half of the baseboard heaters. We figured that it would help for the next months bill. Instead it went up $131.00!!!


This morning I got up and my milk was curdled again! I then started checking things and almost half of the meat in my freezer was thawing out! Thank goodness for our little chest freezer because I had to move all I could out there. Wendell thinks it may be because we had to turn things down about a month ago because all my produce was freezing in the vegetable drawer. I am saying a prayer as I type that its not going out on us. Its only six years old.



On a good note, Wendell talked to the financial department at the hospital where his neurologist's office is and his application for aid was accepted. (would of been nice of them to let us know since we applied in September) Hopefully the doctor appointment will be covered tomorrow and they can do everything they need to there at the hospital.


Okay... The Italian phrase of the day is:

Sono sicuro di aver pagato quella bolletta.

soh-noh see-coor-oh dee ah-vair pah-gah-toe kwel-lah bowl-let-tah

I'm sure I paid that bill.


Since I cheated and skipped ahead to wish Carmen and Joy a Happy Birthday yesterday, here is the phrase I skipped:

Come prendi il caff'e?

coh-may prayn-dee eel cahf-fay

How do you take your coffee?


I want to thank you all for being so patient with me. I feel like lately all I do is whine and I hate that. I want this to be a fun place to visit.

Well... I am off to get ready to run a few errands today. I need to pick up a paper and then I need to pick up a few things in the storage unit. (I am determined to slowly drag it all here with or without someones help.) I also hope to get some pictures taken for either an etsy or artfire store.

Take care and I hope you all have a wonderful day!



  1. Debbie, I sure have have done my share of whinin' and complaining on my blog, that's what they are for, LOL! I would have a long talk with that electric company and your landlord too, that can't be right, especially if you have cut down on usage! I would fight it Debbie and make them find out what the problem is! I hope the rest of your week is better, and glad to hear about the aid, that is a plus:)

  2. Ouchhhh! That bill sucks! I wonder if turning the baseboard heaters off actually made the other ones run more trying to heat the place? Glad to hear that Wendell gets his appointments covered...thats a good thing! And remember you should only have one more bad month and it should start to warm with the sunshine and it staying lighter longer you wont needs lights on as much! I am like the power police here so I can relate. if your fridge is going out it might be taking more power too!

  3. Oh Debbie, how I can relate to...when it pours. I've been on an emotional roller coaster since Dec. I'm trying so hard to look at the glass as half full, but sometimes it feels like someone has come by and knocked that glass clean clear off the table. Thank heaven for blogging and my friends like you that are so understanding.
    I'm looking forward to those sunnier days ahead too.
    The Etsy or artfire store sound like a great plan.

    Sweet wishes,

  4. wow that is so high for electric!! Maybe they will call you and say that they made a mistake!! Sending lots of *hugs* your way!!!!