Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Got Mail!!!

Yesterday was a good day... I got a package from one of my bestest pals, Robby. She got bit by the 'photo bug' seriously back in October with the arrival of her new camera and since then has lost her interest to craft. Well last week she packed up her sewing and surprised me with a little parcel of goodies that she knew I would love!

I was proud of myself for remembering to stop and take a picture of the package before I ripped into it.

Look at all the wonderful goodies she sent me. I am just itching to get my room set up so I can set up the sewing machine and start crafting. Now if spring would just get here so it would warm up in the upstairs bedroom. I think I would have to pick a favorite item, it has to be the chocolate. I was tempted to hide it and keep it all to myself but I was a good girl and offered Wendell a piece, just like Robby told me too! Lucky for me he wasn't in the chocolate mood!


I also got busy yesterday and sent out a package to Carmen at Waxed Out Creative Life . She was my first official mail order customer. If you don't already follow Carmen's blog you should. She is such a creative person and certainly inspires me to get myself busy and craft. She is probably the person responsible for showing me the love of salt dough!


Speaking of salt dough... Here are a few pictures of some items I made last week.

I just love this pink and brown heart necklace. The picture just doesn't do it justice. I got the idea for the color combination from fellow blogger Cathy at Cobblestone Farms . Cathy is another blogger you should check out. She does fantastic work!

This little flower necklace is for a girl I went to culinary class with. She placed an order for a few other charms to be worn as necklaces (see picture below) and as a thank you I threw in this little bit of pink. She doesn't blog so I know its safe to show you.

She is really into basketball and baseball and she wanted a heart charm made of orange and lime green. The picture makes it look a lot darker than it really is in person. I hope she will like them.


Ready for today's phrase?



Wait for me!


Today is also a very special day for me. 26 years ago I gave birth to a 10 pound 1 1/2 ounce baby boy. I thank GOD everyday for him and his brother. Without them, I would not be who I am today. Of course he is especially appreciated for giving me the gift of my first grandson!

Buon Compleanno Jared! I love you!

Take care everyone and enjoy your Thursday!



  1. OOOhhhhh, I am so excited to get my order Debbie!!!! You got some great gifts there and CHOCOLATE TOO! Happy Birthday to your son and you got me beat on the weight, mine was a 10 lb. baby, hubby always said it was cause of all the cupcakes I ate while I was pregnant, LOL!!! Enjoy your day sweetie:)

  2. wow what awesome goodies!!! Happy Mail is so much fun!!!

  3. Debbie,

    Happy birthday to your Jared!

    You are doing some wonderful things with salt dough, Debbie! Love that pink and brown necklace! I need to show these to Joy! I'm going to check out your mercantile! Great work!

    Have a great day! :)


  4. Such a nice bunch of goodies! Have fun playing with all those great things. I love the salt dough necklaces...I might need to get a couple for some grandbaby girls when they're a little bigger. Right now they would both probably eat them! : )

    Happy Birthday to your son!

    PS. About sharing the're a better woman than me. I wouldn't have shared!

  5. Love your salt dough creations. What wonderful goodies you got in the mail.

  6. Debbie,
    Your salt dough is just fantastic !!!!! Wonderful job on it !!!!! And ohhh those goodies from Robbie what a lucky gal you are !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins