Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming Up Green!

Shamrocks that is.... I have almost finished up the prim tree decorating for St. Patrick's day. I was worried about only making shamrocks for it but I went with different shades of green and patterns on them and they turned out pretty. I left some of them solid and put on glitter and they sparkle so pretty in the tree light. *laughing*

I am still a few short to being happy with it so I plan on making a few more today. I just love working with salt dough!


Are you ready for two Italian phrases today?

#1 - Ridi ogni giorno.

ree-dee ohn-yee johr-noh

Laugh every day.


#2 - Se 'e davvero cosi importante, troverai il tempo di farlo.

say ay dahv-vay-row coh-zee eem-pohr-tahn-tay troh-vay-rye eel taym-poh dee fahr-low

If it's that important, you'll find the time.


Not much else going on around here. I am still battling my refrigerator. I did get it cleaned out. Was sad to have to throw away practically everything that was in the freezer portion. I had been wondering about unplugging it and letting it 'thaw' out for a day. That has been suggested to me a few times now so while Wendell is at school and the high is only going to be in the 30's I am going to move everything to coolers on our back porch and leave the fridge unplugged till this evening at least. Cross your fingers and toes it works!

Well I am off in search of a cup of hot tea... Hope you all have a great 'hump' day!

Take Care,



  1. Your shamrocks turned out beautiful Debbie!! I sure hope that refrigerator straightens out for you, will keep my fingers crossed:)

  2. they are very nice Debbie!! cindy ( the Keeping Room)

  3. wow those shamrocks are gorgeous!!! LOVE!!!!