Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Before the Storm...

I am hoping that the day ends up better than it started. First thing that happened was I woke up freezing because someone stole all the covers. If I had thought about it I would of grabbed the camera and showed you, but at 4:30 am it just did not happen. Instead, visualize if you can, a 45 year old man, laying in bed with the blankets all tucked in around him. He looked like a burrito!
Well, I get up and turn on my laptop to get a jump on what is going on in blogland. While I am waiting for it to load i decide to fix myself a cappuccino. I grab the milk, my cappuccino mix and the blender. I open the milk and begin to pour only to find that the milk has curdled! The date on the carton is February 3rd and I drank it yesterday. (This thought about had me gagging) So I started the day off with a Pepsi instead. :(
I was not sure what to talk about today so I thought I would introduce you to my fur babies. Most of you have heard me talk about Sasha, our Australian Shepard /Lab mix but I don't know if I ever mentioned the other two furballs.
This is Ellie. When I lived in Maine I was so lonely for a cat that I went to the shelter and adopted her. She was so sweet when I was checking all the cats out but when I got her home she barely wanted anything to do with me. I think that was her trick to breaking out of 'cat jail'. She is one of those cats that does not want anything to do with you unless its on her terms. She is also very vocal when her food bowl is empty.

My last baby is Tabitha. I always complained how Ellie would never let me pet her or hold her so Wendell decided we should get another cat. Maybe a friend for Ellie so she wouldn't be lonely while we both worked. Well the week before we got married, a girl I worked with told me that she had some kittens she needed to give away. Only catch was they were 'farm cats' so she didn't know how tame they would be. Well... we told her we would take one. I gave her my cat carrier and she brought me one.

I was warned to be careful because she though it was a little wild from being outside so we prepared for the worse. I opened the carrier and peeked in. There was this little orange tabby with big green eyes. I left her to get out of the box herself and what was the first thing she did? Jumped right up in my lap for a cuddle!


Be sure to check out my cooking blog for three new recipes. Last night I tried two new recipes and they were a big hit with Wendell.

Caramelized Baked Chicken and German Potato Salad
Today we have to take the truck in for repairs. (If it isn't one thing, its something else) Wendell has been using my jeep but the gas mileage is not as good as his truck so its been using the gas. He has one morning class and then is coming to pick me up so we can take it in and run some errands before the big winter storm they are talking about.
I will make a wild dash to the grocery store to pick up the staples of a snow storm... you know, milk and bread. *laughing* I may even throw in some potatoes too.
Its been a year ago today since we were hit by the big ice storm that had us stranded for several days. We were in the other house then and were one of the lucky ones who did without power for a week. Bob, the weatherman, says we could get anywhere from 2 to 10 inches of snow. All I can say is.... I will believe it when I see it!
Ready for a couple phrases today?
#1. Sei single?
say sing-lay
Are you single?
#2. Sei Sposato?
say spoe-zah-toe
Are you married?
Well, I best go for now so I can get ready to run errands. I hope you all are having a good Wednesday and staying warm.
Take Care,


  1. Debbie~ I am sposato, LOL! I love all your fur babies and aren't they wonderful loving companions! I'd be lost without mine, even the bunnies show affection once in a while:)

  2. Awwww...what cute fur babies. I have had milk like that before. It curdles before the date. That's why I always open and smell it before I use it now.


  3. Love all the fur babies. I have 2 cats and a dog also. They are my four legged children. :)