Sunday, January 31, 2010

The View From My Window...

When we first moved into this house and Wendell started back to school, I basically got moved to a table in the dining room. The only place to put my table was up against this window where there were two big bushes blocking the view. At first I was a little upset at not having a real view but now I think I can live with it.
My window to the outside is one of the few that does not have this gray film on it that is to help cut down on the sunlight getting in. The stuff is almost on every one of them!
Every morning I am greeted by at least a few of the Cardinal pairs that call these two bushes home.

I have found that the female is a lot more curious at times. She will get right up to the edge of the bush almost like she is looking in.

At one time, there were actually two pairs just sitting there.


I can hardly believe that today is already the last day of January, can you?

Today's Italian phrase of the day is:

Lo prometto.
low pro-may-toe
I promise.


Well, since my husband is suffering from a little cabin fever, I think we are going to venture into town today. They cancelled church because of the snow but since then I have heard that its not too bad out there. We will see. Its definitely beautiful and sunshiny!

Take Care and Stay Warm,
Debbie xxx


  1. They are the prettiest birds. I wish we had them here! Have fun on your little excursion.

  2. great view!

    NO I can't believe that January is over!!!

  3. What a lovely view of those birds and what a lovely robe your hubby had on yesterday, lol....did he know you were posting it for the world to see??

  4. I love cardinals!! They're sooo pretty!


  5. Love your bird pics Debbie. Hope you had a fun venture into town =0}
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  6. Beautiful...I love to watch the birds outside my window especially in the snow!