Monday, January 4, 2010

Twitter and Our Phrase of the Day...

Last week after hearing so much about Twitter I decided to sign up. I have one follower! *lol* Thank you Jamie! :) If anyone else would like to add me, here I am. Until I get a few more followers it is just like I am talking to myself and no fun. *laughing*
So are you ready for today's phrase? Here goes:
E una femmina!

ay oon-ah fay-me-nah
'It's a girl!'
I don't really know how often I will be using that one but you never know.
Not much went on around here today. I tried to do a little cleaning. I did not really want too but it was so cold it did help me stay warm. Our high today reached 26 according to the little thermometer outside my front door. I actually think that was the high for the week. Brrrrrrr.... I may have to breakdown and turn up the baseboard heaters or do a little more layering. :)
I am hoping to have a new recipe to share tomorrow. Its a simple beef stir-fry recipe that I lifted from a cookbook yesterday at Barnes and Noble. I really did not want to buy the book for just the one recipe.
Well take care and please try to keep warm,


  1. Good for you, Debbie...learning a new language! I'm very impressed! :)

    It's COLD here too...we're actually supposed to have some snow later this week and we're excited about that!

    Many blessings for a Happy New Year to you and your family!


  2. i am on twitter I will add you now! Share the recipe it sounds good!

    stay warm

  3. Sorry Debbie but I don't twitter, don't even really know what it is, LOL! I guess I'm a little old fashioned, don't know how to text message either and my son makes fun of me for it but yet he won't teach me:o
    Very cold and snowy here too, I'm ready for spring:)