Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow, Puppy Treats and Great News!

Last night when I watched the news, the weatherman sounded so sure of himself that the big snow storm that was to hit, would finally move in around midnight. Well.... I woke up around 5 am. and let Sasha out to find.... nothing!

I kept watching the news to find that the 'story' had changed and they did not expect it to really start snowing till almost noon. None of the local schools were closed, so Wendell hopped in the shower and got ready for his class.

Finally about 7:30 am, we started seeing flurries! This makes me wonder if the weatherman really knows anything??? *laughing* My favorite comment was.... "We could have anywhere from a dusting to 12 inches of snow in our area."

Yesterday I decided to do something for Sasha. She is such a good dog. Since she loves peanut butter, I got out my puppy cookbook and made her a batch of peanut butter biscuits!
She patiently waited the entire time on the kitchen floor. (don't look too close as the floor is in horrible shape. )
Finally her patience paid off and they were out of the oven! I tried to get a picture of her eating one but she was too quick for me.

The recipe ended up making 40 biscuits and they fit perfectly in Sasha's Treat Jar. We may have to hide the jar because Wendell came through and commented on how good they smelled. He asked me what was in them, grabbed one and ate it! We may have to put a lock on the jar. *laughing*
If anyone is interested I will be happy to post the recipe for you.
I want to thank all of you on the sweet comments you have been leaving me. I do appreciate it so much.
I was asked a question the other day and thought I would answer it today.
Deborah asked me how I got my photography name on my pictures that I post. It was super simple Deborah... I found a free download called 'InfraView'. It is a super easy program that makes it easy to resize photo's among a few other things. You should be able to Google the program name and find it. If not, email me at and I would be happy to send it to you. I can also talk you through putting your name on your photos if you would like.
Friday's Italian Phrase of the Day!
Dove vivi?

doe-vay vee-vee

Where do you live?
Can you all believe that its almost the end of January and Monday is going to be February 1st already? Time just seems to have flown by.
I have been wanting to try a few new things around here and one of them is introduce you all to some of my favorite blogs. I hope to do this at least twice a month starting on Monday.
Before I end this I have to shared the wonderful news I got today. As many might remember, my dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer last summer. I was so concerned that the doctor was taking so long before actually starting treatment but was assured everything was progressing properly.
Dad finished his treatment right before Christmas and had his first check up yesterday. It is my understanding that any PSA reading below 4.0 is good. Well dad's was 0.5! God has blessed us!
Well, its still snowing here... Maybe later I will be able to get outside and take a few pictures. The cardinals look so pretty right now. So bright and red!
Take care and try to stay warm!
Debbie xxx


  1. That is WONDERFUL news on your dad Debbie...woo-hoooo!!!! Sasha sure does look like a good girl and so deserving of those homemade treats! I have a couple recipes for dog biscuits I make for Kiah now and then and I like knowing what is going in them:)Enjoy your day sweets!

  2. YAY for dad!!! Have you had Wendell in the dog house so much that he now has to eat dog biscuits???

  3. Hi there! My name is Kim and I'm your Happy Mail buddy for the month of February :) It's so good to meet you!!


  4. What a sweet girl you have there. I bet she loves those treats just sa much as Wendell!
    Hey, they are natural, and what is good for a dog is good for a human right?
    Great news about your glad to hear that!
    Enjoy your weekend, and I wish we were getting tons of snow!

  5. Oh, Debbie....great news about Dad! Wonderful!


  6. Woooooot Woooooot Such GREAT news about your Dad Debbie =0} God is GREAT. What a testimony.
    And I have 5 fur babies I bet would loveeee those doggie cookies. Might hafta' give those a try. Hope your weekend is off to a great start punkin.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  7. Great news about your Dad!!
    They say snow here in VA around midnight. Same thing here could be 12 inches. I don't think they really know. LOL!


  8. What wonderful news about your dad!!
    Sasha is adorable!! Love the look on her face while she was waiting on those peanut butter biscuits to bake.
    The snow storm stayed south of us and we didn't get any of it. Thanks goodness...since my new grandson is due anyday now.

  9. Wonderful news Debbie about your dad. My own faced the same cancer beast about 5 years ago. He opted for treatment instead of surgery. So glad he did. Still get to be with him today. I would love to have you recipe for Sasha's treats. And thanks for the info on putting names of photos. I will definitely let you walk me through the process. Thanks for sharing it.


  10. Great news about your Dad!

    You're a good woman! I barely bake for my family...never for a pet!