Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Plans...

There is not much planned here today except for finishing up my salt dough ornies I made up yesterday. I did manage to get a good base coat on them and think they are going to look nice despite some of the flaws that showed up after baking. I did not use a cookie cutter while making them and though I thought I had the edges nice and smooth, they still puffed up kind of rough. The ones for the tree turned out pretty good though. The others will just go as bowl fillers. If I had some sandpaper handy, I would of sanded them down. Hopefully I will have them finished this weekend so I can show you on Monday.
Since it looks like we will be having a rainy day today, I hope to keep busy with my craft project and maybe even get started on my craft room. Yesterday I went upstairs to find my paint brushes and glitter and it was frustrating. Needless to say I never did find my glitter. Looks like a trip to Hobby Lobby.... Darn! *big smile*
Are you ready for today's phrase????
Quando parti?

kwan-doe par-tee

When are you leaving?


I hope the rest of you have a wonderful weekend and get all you hope to accomplish done.... and a little rest and fun mixed in too!

Take Care,



  1. Debbie~ those hearts are adorable!!! I always have trouble with the salt dough cracking if I make bigger ornies, and I have found you can fill in the cracks with spackling, then sand lightly and then paint them. Mine always puff up too, which is weird when you think there's no baking soda or anything in them.....Enjoy your weekend sweetie and have FUN!

  2. They look great! If they were perfect they wouldnt be as nice. Have a run rainy day!