Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Gary...

One thing about living in the country is that I get to enjoy all of the little critters around us. We see all kinds of birds, rabbits, deer, turkeys and I even had a weasel run out in front of me one day. I could sit and watch them for hours.
My favorite visitor is Gary. Don't ask me why I call him that... he just looks like a Gary to me.
Gary comes and visits daily for the corn Wendell keeps him supplied in. It use to take him a few days to eat a cob but lately he has to fight the blue jays, cardinals and a red-headed woodpecker for it! If the cob is empty, he has taken it upon himself to hang from the bird feeders in the front yard. He is so entertaining. I think he and others like him are the reason I love living in the country.
Our phrase of the day is:
Me lo traduci per piacere?

may low trah-doo-chee pair pee-ah-chay-ray

Please translate that for me.


The weatherman says we are do to be hit by a significant winter storm tonight through tomorrow. I tend to not believe him but I guess we will see. The weather is so different than what it use to be when I was a kid, growing up in southern Illinois. I remember getting big snows and making huge snowmen with my brothers. I actually remember one year we made one in the front yard that was almost as tall as the house. The base of it took forever to melt. I don't think dad appreciated that at the time. *laughing*

I also remember the year my oldest son was born. February 25th, 1984... That night it snowed almost three feet! It was so deep the doctor wouldn't release us from the hospital unless someone with a four-wheel drive could pick us up and take us home. Thankfully we knew someone who did. I also remember that three feet of snow did not keep my mom from getting to the house either! Boy do I miss her...

Well, take care and I hope you all stay safe and warm. I think today is going to be a project day! Not sure what I will do but it will definitely be something to share with you!

Take Care,



  1. LOL...I LOVE Gary and his corn!!! I also think Gary is a wonderful name for a squirrel!!! We got about 5 inches of snow overnight and schools are closed. can't wait to see what your doing/making today!!!

  2. I grew up in Detroit, MI. Our winters were so different than they are now. The snow arrived in mid November and was usually still on the ground in early April! Snowmen back then definitely had a longer life than they do now!

    I hope you get a bunch done today and I can't wait to hear all about it!

    PS. I love squirrels...your's does look like a Gary. We have one we call General.

  3. We been hearing about the big storm that is coming. There is one coming up from the of right now, Kentucky is going to get it and should miss us where I live in Ohio by about 50 miles, but if it comes farther north...we might get the edge of it.
    Take care and stay warm.

  4. Debbie - I love your new friend Gary! I always find squirrels so fun to watch!! Hope you're doing well!!!

  5. Debbie....I am so enjoying your posts lately. Seems like you say just what you are thinking...and it becomes very interesting when you put it on your blog.

    I miss my Mom, too. We were so close. When she got sick...I think I was her mother then. I was 33 years old.

    You keep putting out these great posts and by the way, your pictures are great. Keep up the good work.


  6. I love the pic of Gary. So cute!!! I hope the storm isnt too bad for you guys. It seems everytime we get a snow beak we get another one here.

  7. Aaawww I remember Gary from when I was there...but everytime I say Gary I think of the snail on Spongebob! I love Spongebob!!

  8. Thank you for entering my giveaway! My fingers are crossed for you! So you want to know more about how to add some textured layers to your pictures? I think I'll try a post about that in the next couple of weeks.