Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lots of Giveaways and the Phrase of the Day!

Good morning all... I hope your getting some sunshine where you are because here in southeast Missouri its a little dreary looking out my window. But that is okay because I have hopes of cleaning my spice cupboard and being a little creative today.

First I want to point out that I have added something to my sidebar. They are all the wonderful giveaways I have come across in the past few days. It always amazes me how many great blogs there are out here that I have not come across before. I am now making it a priority to check out the blogs being followed by some of you that have become my favorites. You should really check these out, especially if your looking for some creative inspiration! Something I know I can never have too much of.

Are you ready for today's phrase???

Si' davvero mi piace guardare la TV.
see dah-vay-row mee pee-ah-chay guar-dah-ray lah tee vu
Yes, I do like watching TV.
Before leaving today I wanted to thank you all who wished Wendell a 'Happy Birthday'. It meant a lot to him that strangers who do not even know him would do that. We had a quiet evening at home. In the morning he requested a big pot of ham and beans with cornbread for dinner but by the time I got to the market he changed his mind. We ended up having sloppy joe sandwiches. I usually make them from scratch like my mother did but he grew up using the 'pouch' mix so that is what we did.
I posted a few of my favorite photos last night over at Goat Creek Photography. This is just one of them. 'Half-Dome at Yosemite National Park'
Well, I better get moving... that spice cupboard is not going to clean itself. :) Take care and I hope you have a fabulous Thursday!

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