Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Love Getting 'Happy' Mail... and Phrase of the Day...

I don't know why but I love the thrill of waiting for the mail lady to bring our mail everyday. Some days there is definitely disappointment or bills but some days there is something wonderful! Yesterday was one of those days! :)
Right before Christmas I had entered a giveaway with Carmen at Olde Farmhouse Road and won these adorable dolls! I am sad that Christmas is over and will be packed up next week but I do plan on admiring these two until it is.Thank you Carmen (and friend Sandy) for making this wonderful gift! :) I LOVE them!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you ready for today's phrase??? It is:
Guida con attenzione

gwee-dah cohn ah-ten-zee-oh-nay

Drive Safely
Yesterday Wendell and I made an escape to Fairview Heights in Illinois. My youngest had given me some money for Christmas and told me to be sure to spend it on something I wanted... not something I needed... *laughing* I love that boy.
So we went shopping and I ended up coming home with a new cookbook. I spent a good hour going through it last night and boy are there some good recipes in it. It should help me with my goal of blogging a new recipe a week! (btw... check over at my recipe blog, Cooking At Goat Creek for my Garlic Rubbed Rib Roast and Crash Potato recipe.... Mmmm Mmmm good!)
I also picked up the movie 'Julie and Julia' which I keep hearing is very good, and a couple books I have wanted to read. One is 'Dear John' by Nicholas Sparks and the other is a kids book called 'Percy Jackson and The Olympians, Book One - The Lightning Thief' by Rick Riordan. I keep seeing previews for the movie that is coming out and it reminds me of the Harry Potter movies that I love so I thought I would read Book One and see what I think. If they are any good I can always keep then and hand them down to Jaygen one day.
Wendell didn't find anything on this trip. He had gotten a crossbow for hunting since he is now disabled and wanted a target so he could practice. Of course he could not find one. We will probably end up making a trip to Carbondale, IL in the next week since he is still off from school. He saw one in a store there but did not have the money for it. Hopefully it will still be there.
Take care and I hope you all stay warm. Its 16 degrees right now and our high is only expected to reach 24 degrees. (isn't counting the wind chill)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! My favorite color is pink hehe :D I am excited you are participating in Happy Mail, you are going to love it! Looking forward to becoming great blogger friends!!

  2. No Prim goodies to be found? Or are you saving that trip for when you dont have to take Wendell? hehe! Looking forward to the recipes!

  3. I love it when the mail comes too! Those dolls are very cute!


  4. Love the dolls that you won!! Adorable!! It is really cold here...17 degrees with wind chills of 7 degrees!! Makes me cold just typing it! LOL...

  5. The dolls are too cute. Let me know if the movie is good. I may want to rent it. :) My daughter just ready Dear John and said it was good.