Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Just Can't Stop!

Doing salt dough, that is. I have done four batches in the last week and a half and want to do another today. I still have the last batch to paint but here is what I have so far.
The ornaments in the box all have glitter on them and are so pretty and sparkly. I don't have enough to do the different holidays but as you fan see, the ideas are there. I love the carrots! unfortunately they are covering up the cupcakes and snowmen.
The snowmen I have done with and without glitter. The ones without glitter are coffee stained.
These are my favorites. I love sunflowers!!!

These ones I am still trying to figure out. You can't really tell but they are coffee stained and I think will look really cute once I figure out how to do the hair. Any suggestions????
I have a batch unpainted right now that I have done for bowl fillers.
Yesterday I was having trouble with blogger again. I think I need to blog first, then read. :)
Here are the phrases for the day.
#1. Non dire cose di cui poi ti potresti pentire.

non dee-ray coh-zay dee kwee poi tee poh-trays-tee payn-tee-ray

Don't say something you'll be sorry for later.

#2. L'assegno 'e stato spedito.

lahs-sayn-yo ay stah-toe spay-dee-toe
The check is in the mail.
I posted a new recipe over on Cooking at Goat Creek for Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine. It was the first time I had made this from scratch and it turned out great. I was going to do Chicken Parmigiana but Wendell was not feeling the tomatoes. I love it when I can improvise.
I am so ready for spring. Last night about six o'clock it started getting really windy and eventually we ended up with a really loud thunderstorm, complete with thunder and lightening. This afternoon we will have to do a check around the yard to see if anything tried to blow away. Thank goodness for the fence that surrounds the farmhouse.
Well, I hope you all have a great, rest of the weekend!
Take Care,


  1. Do we need to get you in therapy for your addiction? hehe! Have a good day sis...they are all so cute!

  2. IS THERE a therapy for salt dough addicts???? LOL, they look wonderful and what detail on the sunflowers!!! For the hair on the Annies~ maybe you could get yourself one of those play-doe shredders that you push the dough thru and it comes out in strands? I like the ribbon too though that's very cute:)

  3. I love them all especially the carrots and pineapples:) Looks like a great and healthy addiction:)


  4. Wow! You are in the mood to work with the salt dough! But ...who cares?...they look wonderful and they will be a nice addition for your great tree. If you are having fun ...then do it! I love them.

  5. Wow.. those are just all too cute!! I've tried making salt dough ornies but mine just crumble and break, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    Love your blog, I found you on Carmen C.'s and now I am going to be a follower. Have a great weekend.


  6. Your salt dough ornaments are the carrots, crows and watermelon.

  7. wow those are so gorgeous!!! great job!!! If I was that good I wouldnt stop making them either! hehe :)

  8. Your salt dough ornies are so cute!!! You do such a great job on them!! I have a book that shows how to make just about everything in the salt dough and I've never made any. But after seeing yours...I might just have to get my book out and make up some.

  9. They are so cute Debbie. You are on a roll now. Can't wait to see that tree every holiday. :)


  10. I check back everyday to see what salt dough ornaments you've made next. They are all so cute, you do great work!