Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hurry School...

Good Morning! Only seven days till school starts.... I cannot wait! I think I told you that I was taking this semester off because they are only offering two of the four classes I need here, but DH has a full schedule! Yay me! Do I sound too excited??? Well... I guess I am. I have been trapped in the house with him a month now and so ready for some quiet, me time! I have lots of plans for things I want to do.

My biggest plan is to get my craft room set up so I can start creating! There are so many things I want to do and right now I just don't try because I don't want to dig around in boxes to find things. Today I am thinking about making the salt ornies I have been putting off for a week. I want to get my little tree decorated. It looks so bare without anything hanging on its branches.


I was a bad girl yesterday spending all my time trying to download freebies for my PSE program so I can manipulate photos, and I never got to posting our phrase of the day. Please forgive me.... Today I will post two!

Pulito come uno specchio
pooh-lee-toe coh-may oon-oh spay-key-oh
Clean as a whistle.
'E eslilarante.
ay ay-see-lah-rahn-tay
Laugh-out-loud funny. (Hilarious)
Last night I made my mama's homemade lasagna and boy did it taste good. I served it with hot, cheesy garlic bread and a salad with mama's special oil and vinegar dressing. It was yummy! I debated about sharing this recipe. You know, being one of the 'family' recipes but its really similar to many so I will. You will be able to find it on my recipe blog later today.
Take care and I hope you enjoy your Tuesday!

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  1. I can totally understand wanting a bit of you time! It's coming...hang in there friend!

    I'm enjoying the Italian phrases! Love "clean as a whistle". Wish I could use it around here! But not these days!! : )