Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally!!! Some Snow...

For almost two months I have heard my blogging and Facebook friends talk about all the snow they were getting. I was so jealous. Then for the past few days the weatherman promised we were going to be getting some.... 2 to 4 inches.....

Well, I woke up to snow but not like what he promised. I don't think there was barely an inch of it covering the ground. :(
Don't want you to think that I wanted to go out and play in it. Heavens no.... just figure if I am going to be stuck at home there might as well be at least 6 to 8 inches of the stuff on the ground. Oh well... Maybe next time.
Our Italian phrase of the day is:
I tuoi figli sono adorabili.

ee twoy feel-yee soh-noh ah-door-ah-bee-lee

Your children are adorable.
How many of you are retaining any of this? So far the only one I have been able to remember easily is 'Le Vita e' bella!
Other than the weather I have done nothing other than play on the computer with my blog buddy Robby! You can visit one of her blogs at Glory River Primitives . Since I started blogging, I have followed her and when she started with her photography I too got a little more serious about wanting to learn more too! Anyway... she got me started on a new program the other day and now all I want to do is play in Photoshop Elements! *laughing* Thank you Robby! Love you girlfriend! xoxo
Well, that is all for now. I need to get busy and think about supper. I wanted to do Italian Beef sandwiches but got up too late to get my crock pot going. Oh well... I know what we will have tomorrow!
Take care and stay warm!


  1. We are getting a ton of snow right now so I can send you some - lol!
    Happy new year to you!

  2. Yep - that's a pretty weak snowfall! Maybe you'll get some more soon!

    I've managed to hold onto 1 or 2 Italian phrases. My favorite right now is "Guida con attenzione".

    I work for an insurance company! : )

    When you're an expert at Photshop Elements you can teach me. I've had it for almost two years and still can't do a whole lot with it!

  3. Oh my.. please come take my snow.. lol

  4. Debbie~ come to can have all the snow you want, we are sick of it, LOL! At least I haven't been having to drive in it, but I still worry about everyone else driving in it, there have been alot of bad accidents lately due to the roads:(

  5. I have retained!!! Thats about how much snow we have here....nothing like normal for us. Now that I have said that I am sure I will regret it!! February is usually our worst month!

  6. I would gladly give you our snow. Over 30" since the week before Christmas, -24 degrees tonight (supposed to break a record low set in 1886) and 40+ mph winds. We live in a rural area (eastern Nebraska and 9 miles from the nearest town) and are snowed in again. In the last 3 weeks we've gotten our mail 3 times. I am so thankful that we do have lots of food on hand. If anything we'll all probably get fat if it doesn't warm up soon.

    God bless and enjoy your snow.

  7. Shelly... Send it on down! lol How did Scout enjoy her first Christmas. I've missed not reading your blog lately.

    Carmen... You know, Wendell and I talked about moving up there once. I was actually born there and have never been back since my grandparents and the rest of the family all moved to Indiana shortly after. I know what you mean about driving... I was happy even for the little bit we got because it got some of these crazys here to slow down. We live on a slight curve and they fly by!

    Marie... I don't actually have photoshop but I do have the photoshop elements 8 program. Thankfully you don't have to have the regular program to run. Another day or so and I will show off some pictures.

    Rebecka... wow! I have a friend who lives in Nebraska and she has kept me up on the snow. From what I hear, Nebraska and Iowa are two states that seem to have been hit really hard. (other than all those northern states)

    Stay warm and safe everyone!